Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Charter Arms - my thoughts.

So the big reason we went to the NRA Annual Meeting was to scope out all the pretty shiny things the various manufacturers brought for the general populace to manhandle...and manhandle, we did.  I had a couple of brands I specifically wanted to find while we were there, though, and made a point to go looking for them.

Charter Firearms was one of the companies I was looking forward to finding at the Meeting.  Jay had mentioned they were eager to talk with him at last year's Meeting, and I wanted to check out their other revolvers, so on day 2 we hoofed it to the first floor to find them.

We found them off in a little booth near the end of the hall, and immediately approached them.  Chris wanted to mention how much he likes his Bulldog (he also wanted to show them his holster), and I wanted to check out their .357 and .38 offerings.  I'd already perused the site a bit and familiarized myself with what they had for sale, so nothing was a huge surprise, but it was still nice to see the firearms in person.  I like to see firearms and handle them before I order my own - I'm weird like that.

So, they had everything laid out all nice and pretty, and here I come with my camera and mess everything up.  I was amused, y'see...they had a Chic Lady on the table, and I really wanted to see the pink on polished stainless. (Photos are here.)  I know there are plenty of folks who are against the pink gun, but living in a state where I can't carry, I can't justify avoiding something pretty due to practicality.  Confession time: I love this pistol.  It's cute and girly, and I WANT ONE.  They also had the Pink Lady and Lavender Lady on hand for viewing which were equally cute, but neither come with the crocodile-pattern case that comes with the Chic Lady.  If anything, they're the only revolver company making items directed at women...that aren't going to cost an arm and a leg.  My only complaint was the lack of "feminine" colors in higher calibers, but this is apparently due to cost: the higher-caliber firearms are stainless, and therefore can't be anodized like the aircraft aluminum .38s.  Though disappointing, this makes sense (and also explains why the Tiger Stripe Bulldog was given the Cerakote treatment instead of some other finish). 

I also got an opportunity to talk to Lissa McCarthy, who was easily the most enthusiastic woman at the show.  Companies really need to have representatives who actually know and care about their product at shows and conventions if they're going to thoroughly engage a potential customer.  I met just one woman out of all the other big name booths who knew what she was talking about, and she wasn't half as enthusiastic as Ms. McCarthy.  Ms. McCarthy was enthusiastic and excited about the products at Charter, and she and I gabbed like friends about pistols, holsters, holster purses, and boys (heh).  Even if I was on the fence about buying a revolver from them, she'd have pushed me over to the Charter side.

Edited to add: I recently rediscovered this post.  I've gotta say, I'm glad Charter opted for "Pink Lady" instead of "Pink Bitch."  It's a bit more appealing with the more palatable name. :)


Mike W. said...

Not only was Ms. McCarthy super peppy & knowledgeable, she was also quite attractive.

I'm just offended that she said there were no hot guys there...while I was standing right in front of me. Sheesh! :P

Oh, and the triggers on the Charter revolvers were far, far better than my S&W Airweight J-frame.

Old NFO said...

I'd still give a nod to the Lady Smith... Good pistol with some trigger work by a good smith.

Laura said...

Mike - LOL, I'm sure she didn't mean to offend you!

NFO - I have one huge problem with S&W: the price tag. Charter is priced right for me...and Chris is VERY pleased with his Bulldog. I'm sure there's nothing wrong with S&W, but when shops price used models higher than I can get a Charter new, guess which one I'm buying.

Chris said...

It was a pleasure to go to the manufacturer's booth of one of my guns that I really like, and be greeted and talked to by nice, knowledgeable people that were interested in what I had to say. I didn't get that kind of welcome everywhere. Ms. McCarthy was great and even got excited to see pics of my custom holster from for my Bulldog.