Monday, May 26, 2014

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Bad things are afoot for Utah CCW holders visiting PA.

Many of my fellow Marylanders have permits to carry from states like Florida, Virginia, and Utah.  And those of us in that last category are now officially screwed if we want to visit Pennsylvania.  MikeW posted this info to his facespace wall, and I promptly forgot to share it, but the good folks at Mid-Atlantic Firearms Training shot an email out this morning.

With Bryan's permission, I'm posting his email in its entirety:

May 16, 2014 


There have been some recent developments with the Utah Concealed Firearms Permit and the reciprocity/recognition with the state of Pennsylvania.  As of 5/6/14, the state of Pennsylvania no longer recognizes the Utah CFP.  The following is a link to the Attorney General's office in PA which clearly states this:

Normally when a state comes on or drops off, I don't send out these notices as I clearly state in all classes that it is the permit holder's responsibility to check laws before traveling.  However, given the proximity of PA to MD, I felt an obligation to send out this notice as soon as I received knowledge of it.  Please do NOT travel into PA under the provisions of the Utah permit.  You are NO longer covered.

Basically, the AG in Pennsylvania, Kathleen Kane, was a Michael Bloomberg backed candidate and unfortunately got elected.  She is doing everything she can to make it more difficult for gun owners and this is just the latest incarnation of that.

There is not much more I can add to this email.  If anything changes I will send out another notice.  At this point, according to my research and talking with many other instructors, etc., your only choice to be able to carry in Pennsylvania is openly.  As you may remember from class, I do not particularly endorse that idea.  However, options have been severely limited at this point.  If you are a MD resident with a Maryland Wear and Carry Permit, you can get a PA permit from a local county sheriff. 

I am sending this email out to about 5000 people in my email list.  The above information is clearly stated an stands on it's own.  I am as upset as I am sure most of you will be as I am sure many of you took this class with the sole intentions of being able to carry in PA.  I can NOT field questions or comments from that many people.  Please do not contact me with "that sucks" comments, I already know that!!  Again, I sent out this info as soon as I received it.  As of the last Utah class we conducted, PA
was still on board.
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This is bad stuff, folks.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Martin O'Malley is doing an AMA(Ask Me Anything) on Reddit TODAY at 10am.

Here's more information from Maryland Shall Issue:
Govenor Martin Omalley will participate in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on the popular website Reddit.

The AMA will be on May 5th beginning at 10am. We are encouraging ALL Maryland gun owners and 2nd Amendment supporters to ask tough questions. In recent MSI updates, you have seen how the "experts" who testified in favor of SB281, when placed under oath, have changed their stories.

This is an opportunity for Maryland's 2nd Amendment community to ask hard hitting and well thought out questions that expose the faulty logic that SB281 is based on.

The AMA will be held in the AMA section of Reddit.

Copies of Sworn Depositions:
Copy of the Deposition of Daniel Webster:
Copy of the Deposition of Christoper Koper: (this link went to the Dan Webster deposition, presumably it's somewhere on the MSI website)

EDITED TO ADD: he changed the time to 9am, and it's live right now