Saturday, April 11, 2015

I think I'm done here.

I last had real things to say quite a long time ago...almost a year, now.

I've run out of anger...I just can't talk about it anymore.  And unfortunately, I haven't been to the range in over a year due to the aforementioned furry face exhausting most of my funds and all of my free time.

I'm going to leave this blog up...for now, at least.  I still see a lot of folks visiting (I've almost hit 100k, what the what??!?) and some of the information posted may act as a resource.  But don't expect to see posts here in the next year or so, at least.  I have too many other things going on.

Signing off,


Jennifer said...

Don't be a stranger!

Laura said...

I still read everyone else's stuff. :)

Unknown said...

I was kind of afraid that was coming. Well, if that's what makes you happy, I can't be mad at you. ;)

Laura said...

i can't even bring myself to talk about what's going on in my home town, let alone anything else.

bleh to all of it. i'm not deleting, so there's always the possibility i'll be back. i just can't muster the creative juices currently.

Mike W. said...

The fact that I just saw this post today, two months after you posted it, should tell you how much I've been following the blogs.

Leave the blog up, enjoy other things, and if the moment should call for it, throw a post up here, even if it's once a year. Or at least, that's how I'm now approaching my own blog. :)