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Saturday, February 11, 2012

This is all I have to say about this year's election.

I don't like any of the ones who will get even close to being in the election in November. All of them are polarizing. None of them really have the people in mind, and none of them warrant my vote.

I'm more moderate than most of you, though. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are extremely important, but so is ensuring all citizens have the SAME rights. This includes gay marriage and abortion. Women and members of the LGBT community are people, too, as much as conservatives seem to insist we aren't. Since the government refuses to get the hell out of our lives, we have to find ways around it...including ensuring rights for all citizens.

This is going to make me a rather unpopular person amongst those of you who are more conservative-leaning. And frankly, I'm done biting my tongue about it. Say whatever you will, I really don't care.


Kirk said...

Heh. No idea what that makes me. I spent 6 long years slaving away in the belly of submarines (during the Clinton regime, no less) to ensure freedom for all Americans. To me, that means what you do behind closed doors is your own business. I've worked with a lot of LBGT folks over the years, and give them the same opportunity I give everyone else...do your fair share of the work, don't expect anything special because you're "different" (heck, we're ALL different...its called individuality), and don't hit on me, and we'll be fine. I've called quite a few of them good friends, and know that when it hits the fan, they've got my back and I've got theirs. The gov't needs to get out of EVERYBODY'S lives and start governing. Micromanagement is not in the Constitution.

BTW, been reading your blog for a while now, thought I should chime in and comment for once. Keep it up!!

ZerCool said...

Preach it.

libertarian != conservative.

Bubblehead Les. said...

My election choice this November is very Simple: I'm Voting Against Obama. I might have to wear a Gas mask, and I think the Opposition Party would Win if they focus on James Carvell's (Bill Clinton's Campaign Manager) Mantra "IT'S THE ECONOMY STUPID!" instead of wondering who does what to whom in a Legally Consenting Adult Way.

Frankly, I could give a Rat's Butt about Gender Issues, Race Issues, Church and State Issues, etc. And I wish the Republitards would wake up and realizes that it's NOT 1954. You win Elections by getting Votes. Piss off 20 Million People to get 5 million Votes is just Dumb. You run on what 25 Million People can agree on.

zigdon said...

I'm the mirror image - I'm liberal in general, but tend to agree with you on things like gun rights.

Glad we both see eye to eye on this though :)

That said, @kirk - the problem with saying "what you do being closed doors is your own business" is you end up with things like DADT. Yes, I can understand you don't want to hear about other people's sex lives, but if I can't ever mention that I went to dinner last night with my boyfriend, because then you'll know I'm gay, then that's a whole different story.

How about we just agree that the government has no business getting involved in people's relationships (consenting adults), and leave it there?

Mike W. said...

"How about we just agree that the government has no business getting involved in people's relationships (consenting adults), and leave it there?"

Boy, that would be nice wouldn't it?

Jennifer said...

Amen! I'm sick and tired of politicians getting hung up on the private activities of adults. That has nothing to do with commerce or common defense

Kirk said...

I hear ya, Zigdon. To me, though, going out to dinner with your boyfriend/girlfriend is just you going to dinner. I'd probably ask where you went, how the service is, do they have a decent catfish (darn hard to find a restaurant that does a decent catfish, they all want to embalm the darn thing in oil and then fry it until its tasteless), etc. When I say "what goes on behind closed doors", I actually meant that literally. Just like I don't think anyone needs to know the particulars of my intimate relationship with my wife, I don't care to know the details of others' sex-lives. As long as it does not affect your work ethics, or demand that I pick up an extra workload just because you're ____ (insert race/religion/political-affiliation/sexual-orientation/hot-topic-of-the-week here), then we're cool. I'll hold a rational discussion with you on the topic, and voice my opinion and listen to yours, and expect reciprocation on that as well, but don't expect anything extra. Heck, I don't even want to hear the details about straight friends' sex-lives! My braincell just doesn't want/need to go there. Anyhoo, that's my $0.0002 (adjusted for inflation, taxation, and the GNP of Bolivia).

Jay G said...

Why would asking the government to stay the hell out of people's private lives be *counter* to a conservative's platform?

That's the million dollar question none of the imbeciles running seem capable of answering.

And, not for nothing, but let's state for the record that it was noted conservarive William Jefferson Clinton who signed "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" into law.

Politicians don't give a rat's ass about any of the people they claim to "fight for" or support; they only want your vote come November...

ASM826 said...

I don't think most of the bloggers I know would disagree. My issue is fiscal restraint, balanced budgets, less government. But I'm a libertarian of all the social issues, including legalization of recreational drugs, gay marriage, freedom of speech and religion, etc.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

This is such an interesting post and comment thread. Just this morning I was making my bed and thinking "It just doesn't make sense. They SAY they want to be free from government interference, but then the SAY they want to control what people do in their personal lives.