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Monday, August 20, 2012

An idea.

As part of my birthday present, Chris gave me a 1911-ish watergun, complete with removable magazines.

I'm considering using this as part of my basic firearm introduction for friends who have interest but aren't quite sure about guns. It doesn't have any safeties and the slide doesn't move, but the removable mag is a nifty feature that I'm thinking could be useful.

What say you?


ZerCool said...

My nickel, you'd be better served with an Airsoft that actually does have a vaguely dangerous end. (You could shoot an eye out!)

North said...

I have a Walther P99c (.40) and a version of it that is identical to it, but it is a BB gun. Great for practice. Heavy, fits holster perfectly. Don't need a range to practice.

I have a few airsoft guns that I use to introduce timid people to guns.

Laura said...

I was trying to avoid spending more money since I'm anticipating a hefty bill for my hospital stay. :\ I know airsoft/BB guns are a better alternative but they cost money. Ah well.

North said...

I think you can still make use of the water gun.

Great for teaching the rules. Hand them the gun and see if they keep their finger off the trigger. See if they sweep you.

Was at the range yesterday with a guy that was teaching his friend. The student constantly swept me with a loaded gun and his finger on the trigger. Personally I insist on instruction prior to range time to help prevent this.

Laura said...

As it is, I insist newbies familiarize themselves with the rules at the range I frequent. I also talk about the basic rules of firearm handling, but I find people tend to get a better idea of those rules with something they can hold. I'm loathe to do that with a real firearm, you know? So I've been rolling this around my brain for awhile. The watergun is the right shape, if a hair oversized and brightly-colored.

Mike W. said...

I've always done my "pre-range" instruction with a real gun. Since people tend to be more serious and pay better attention that way.


Bubblehead Les. said...

I'm thinking it would help. Think of all those people who have seen Bad TV Shows where the Slide is pulled back, THEN the Mag is Dumped, leaving a live round in the chamber. This could aid in them with the proper order of things. Don't worry about the Slide not moving, just get them used to Dumping the Mag for the Safety Check.

Old NFO said...

Agree with North, and the 'next' step is airsoft (when the other bills are paid). Hope the recovery is going well.