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Friday, March 21, 2014

Still crazy-busy.

Puppies, particularly high drive puppies, take a hell of a lot of work.

To explain...our dobergirl is just like this puppy.  She's brilliant, stubborn, easily bored, and constantly needs supervision, even at 8 months old.  Until this week, we had her in two classes a week and she'd still drive us nuts.  She is a great dog, and we're starting to see glimpses of the lady she'll become once she gets all the puppy wiggles out of her system, but it means I just don't have time for the blog lately.

She also has me on what I've dubbed the Puppy Diet - I'm down 10 pounds and might actually have a chance hitting my goal weight in a year.  Soon, we'll start working on dog sports as well as her other training, so any free time (and excess weight) should be melting away.  :)

Unfortunately, time for the blog has basically dissolved.  Chris should have something up soonish about the HQL, I think.  Maybe.

I still read blogs, and I still comment when I get the time.  But this face has taken priority.  I hope y'all understand.


Jennifer said...

Awe! That face is way more interesting than the computer screen.

Laura said...

tell me about it. :) plus she's getting me out of the house.

Jennifer said...

Which is also a good thing!

Laura said...

indeed. might actually find myself meeting the daystar more than a few times this year in the pursuit of canine excellence.

Old NFO said...

Good for you Laura, and we'll be around when you get time (and need a break)... :-)

Laura said...

heh, i can always USE a break...i just don't always get TIME for a break. at 8 months old she's crazy unless i work her brain to near exhaustion.

she keeps us on our toes. this isn't necessarily a bad thing, though she's been told repeatedly she's why Daddy drinks and Mommy cries. and we've threatened to turn her into a rug more than once.

Mike W. said...

That is a great photo of her Laura!