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Monday, March 25, 2013

People from states other than Maryland - your assistance is needed!

A while back, shortly after the Newtown shootings, my friend Kizz asked for some help. Before she got involved in the gun debate, she wanted to be more informed about the laws regarding firearms, specifically AR15s (since that's what's been in the news lately). I offered to help. I saw this as a great way to educate myself as well as a more liberal-minded friend.

And then lots of stuff happened, and life got in the way, and I found myself overwhelmed with everything that involved more brain power than the absolute basics like showering and eating.

So we're asking for your help. We've got Maryland covered, but if you live in a state that isn't Maryland, we need your input. To quote Kizz,

If you can distill what you learn into a paragraph ... then I'll put up a post with all our paragraphs. You can give us the heads up that you're doing a state by saying so in comments below. I believe we can get this information on the internet and without too much difficulty.

Please, feel free to share what you know and/or can dig up here or over on her blog. And please, be polite. This is an opportunity for those of us firmly on the pro-gun side to educate those who really don't know the laws. Kizz has a decent readership, and she's willing to learn. Please don't just link to your state's laws - we want the basic information.

Thanks for any assistance you folks are willing to provide!


Kizz said...

Thanks for your help!

Grand said...

Does this help?


At least it could be a starting point to get info on all 50 states.

Anonymous said...

Grant is right, if you Google state laws, you will have more information than you will ever need. Believe it or not one of the states with the most liberal gun laws is Vermont. It has .3 gun murders per 100,000. On the other hand N.Y. is one of the most restrictive and it has 2.7 per 100,000. Restriction to law abiding citizens is not the answer.

Mike W. said...

So basically all Kizz wants is a rundown of my states gun laws? I can do that for DE

We don't have any AR-15 specific laws (yet at least)

Old NFO said...

No AR-specific in SC or VA either...

Anonymous said...

Speaking of AR-15/Assault weapons, did you see where Mark Kelly (Gabby Gifford’s husband) was denied the purchase of an AR-15 (actually a Sig 400 5.56 rifle) by the gun shop? Apparently, he claimed he wanted to show how easy it was to purchase and says he was going to turn it into the police. Fox news says he also purchased a 45 cal. Handgun. Apparently he was going to keep it. By the way, Gifford was shot with a Glock pistol, not an AR type weapon.