Thursday, June 20, 2013

Looks like Marylanders are even *more* screwed.

If you're shopping for anything restricted, it's now completely up to the state police to determine whether you're permitted to have it.  They're no longer using NICS.  According to a Redditor who called a few FFLs, the FBI sent a letter to all FFLs specifying "all FFLs in MD may no longer use NICS (instant background check that most dealers use) for handgun, "other" (receivers), silencer, or AOW purchases. The release of those items is now at the absolute discretion of the Maryland State Police."

In short, we're even more screwed.  There goes my suppressed SBR plan. :\

Edited to add: thanks to FightinBluHen51, I have more info.  I need to read more about it.

Monday, June 17, 2013

That was a lovely weekend.

Friday, after work, we packed up the truck, hitched up the new-to-us camper, and headed a short jaunt away to the KOA in Hagerstown, MD. Stayed until check-out time yesterday, then trucked home.


  • Sleeping in a popup is interesting.  I mean, it's a tent.  On wheels.  With AC and a fridge.  Luxury tenting FTW!
  • This particular KOA is nice and small, staff is friendly, and the little restaurant on-site makes the best (and biggest) chocolate chip pancakes I've ever had.  Each was about .25" thick and as wide as a dinner plate...and they give you THREE.  
  • This weekend was expensive, but most of that went to outfitting the camper.  We have a couple more things to buy and we're golden, I think.  Our goal is to get it outfitted to the point where we just need to throw clothes in a bag, food in a cooler, and go.  This is a hard transition for two tent campers to make. :D
We spent the weekend, relaxing, cooking, hanging out by the fire, and fishing.  I could think of far worse ways to spend a couple of sunny days...