Sunday, February 28, 2010

And now for photos.

A week or so ago I posted about the Mosins we picked up at a shop that was mega far away. We got some other stuff, too.

We came home with...

2 of these:
ammo can

2 of these:
case of ammo
(No, I don't mean 2 cans in that crate - we got 2 crates, with 2 cans in each crate.)

3 of these:
the rifle in profile

With 3 of these to match:
matching accessory kit
(The kits include 4 pouches, a cleaning kit, a bayonet, and a sling.)

Here's a close-up of mine...check out the markings!:
nifty markings

The stuff I didn't show: 10 magazines for the 1911 and 3 packs of stripper clips.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oh jeez.

I think C is going to apply for his C&R. Too many interesting deals are popping up. The latest? The guys we saw about the Mosins have a case of Browning Hi-Powers coming in. They're all former police pistols, and some look quite old, but I think C might get one. He's wanted one for awhile, and it would be nice to have a 9mm in the house.

Sigh. He only had 2 guns when we started dating... ;)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The current possibilities.

I think I've narrowed the 1911 down to two options.

The STI Spartan, as suggested to me by Mike, is attractive.

So is the Rock Island Match.

Decisions, decisions...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just updated the blogroll.

If I missed you, let me know.

Changed the template, too. I kindof wish I knew HTML (or had the time to learn it) so I could do something funky, but that just isn't in the cards.

Damn. I'm done with news for the day.

In my previous post I mentioned the hand swabbing noise. I needed a pick-me-up, so I read about the withdrawing of the MD Assault Weapons Ban proposal, which put me in a much better mood.

Now I find out that there's federally mandated DNA testing on every newborn. It's like a real-life Minority Report.

I'm done with this emotional rollercoaster.

Note to self...

Don't get into any kind of shooting sports or hunting that might require me to fly. I might be labeled a terrorist if i do.

Also: don't handle anyone's heart medication, and don't even THINK about touching the garden before flying. Because I might be labeled a terrorist. For gardening.

So last night we went out for milk...

and 5 hours later, returned home with 3 Mosin Nagants, 2 cases of surplus ammunition, 3 accessory kits (came with the rifles as part of the purchase price), 3 sets of stripper clips, 2 ammo cans, and 10 magazines for C's 1911.

The trip took us quite a ways away from home, and we got lost on the way, but we found an awesome company with employees who were more than willing to help us out. Justin helped C and I pick out the best of the remaining rifles (numbers matching, clear markings, good stocks - these are all Grade 2[?] quality), and Brian helped us get the paperwork handled and get out of there so we could grab dinner.

Sometime this weekend I'll take some shots of the rifles. Mine has a hammer and sickle stamping that's clearer than the birds on my Mauser. I'm already rather attached. :) These may become our deer rifles...I know C plans on using his for deer, and I'll have to shoot mine as well as the Mauser to make that final decision.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Things from around the 'net.

I honestly do not recall how I found all of these today, but they're all worth checking out.

First, go check out a gallery of lady shooters throughout history.

Second, go watch this video.

Third, this is one of many reasons I love Mark Twain's work. Also, it's worth mentioning that his insults towards those in Washington generally manage to fit the bill. Still.

Fourth, Baltimore's currently experiencing the beginnings of SNOWPOCALYPSE 2010. If you twitter, feel free to search for #Snowpocalypse2010 - a lot of us have been babbling about it. So far, it's been nothing but immediately-melting snowfall. Incredibly lackluster, considering how we're already under a State of Emergency, and our lovely governor fears we'll run out of salt this weekend. Way to go, O'Failey. Putting salt trucks on the roads 8 hours before any precipitation started wasn't the greatest idea, now was it?

Finally, I have a request for my three readers. I'm in the market for a 1911. My top price is $700, and I'd like similar already-installed parts as are in the Para GI Expert (this was the pistol I intended on purchasing, but Para doesn't like the stupid casing law in Maryland, so I would have to jump through a ton of hoops to get it. Not worth it for a $500 pistol...). Halp? Will take any and all suggestions.

Have a good weekend!