Thursday, June 30, 2011

Did I shake something loose?

Apparently I did over at MArooned Jay was able to post on ideas he's had for some time; that gun grabbers know their position is futile, their facts incorrect, and nothing is solved by their position, yet they do it anyway. Why? I can give you two quotes from Albert Einstein.

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."


"If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts."

Without putting on my tin foil wizard hat this time and going into theories of power, and historical essays about why the Second Amendment was included in our Constitution or showing data that cities with the strictest gun laws have majority, minority populations I can give you a simple answer and 2 things to do.

Guns are scary. Forget for a minute that you're familiar with guns and think about all the people out there that aren't anti-gun, but not pro-gun and familiar with them either. Many of these people show an irrational fear of guns, just like people show an irrational fear of snakes and spiders. It's one thing they encounter in their lives that can end a human life in an instant, yet they also don't seem necessary, like the other things in their lives that can, such as cars, and the food they eat. Remember this is an irrational fear of the gun itself. As if one sitting on a table would suddenly jump up under it's own power and kill you. Just like people think snakes bite you all of a sudden for no reason. Then these people are introduced to others that show them statistics, and agree with them that guns are bad and play to their fear. Everyone wants to be liked right? Everyone wants to be part of the crowd, to be agreed with, right? So why not throw in with these like minded people. Then the anti-gun campaign gains members and momentum and becomes a large group. Humans in groups with shared beliefs and goals will do some weird, crazy and interesting things. Then the cycle perpetuates itself.

What can you do? I'd ask you to do two things. First take a friend or family member that seems to be afraid of guns or anti-gun and ask them if they would like to go shooting. At the range, or the trap field. Teach them about safety and show them the fun and interesting things you can do with guns. As guns are scary, they are also inherently fun and exciting when handled safely and treated with respect. Tell them you're not going to talk about politics or self defense and stick to it. We're just going to go shoot some guns. I've taken a number of people to the range that were new or afraid of guns. When we're done everyone is safe and I hear; That was fun, or That was cool, Guns aren't really that scary. There you have it. You may not have converted someone to our side, but you just broke the cycle of irrational fear and most likely just ended any chance of recruitment by the other side. That person will now question the scare tactics and group think responses. You will have given them pause when they hear or read about gun issues, and that pause may be enough.

Second I would ask you to just start asking Why? Not just with gun issues, but any time someone talks about anything that may restrict or eliminate your rights and freedoms. Don't argue their issues, just ask for logical reasoning and purpose. Why do they want to do this? Can they come up with a logical answer? Does it make sense? That's it. I don't need evidence to combat supposed facts you spew at me. I just want to know why you want to do it and if it makes sense.

Ok I didn't get out my tin foil wizard hat, but I guess I did get out my soap box. I guess I'll go put that away too.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


So Jay over at MArooned beat me to the punch, but I have to say if this happened in any other city, like this one with high crime rates that rifle would have been long gone and not reported by a passer by to another officer to correct the situation. Here that would be just another statistic. An "assault rifle" in the hands of criminals according to anti 2A people. I understand that cops are people too and they make mistakes like everyone else, but I can't imagine a situation other than a running gunfight that would make you forget your weapon like that. Especially when you're supposed to be a trained professional. It makes you wonder what else this officer forgets to do.

Monday, June 27, 2011

First time carrying: a non-event!

Chris and I were visiting MikeW this weekend (in other words, outside of Maryland) and I carried in the purse I bought from Michael.  I passed by alcohol, children, and police officers, and nothing happened.

That is, of course, how it should be.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Gunnies never cease to amaze me.

One of the things I always wanted to do is to start doing some shooting sports, but I've never really had the time or money to get started easily. I finally got my chance. I was recently able to join a local gun club and have met some really nice people. One of these people suggested that I try and come to their weekly bulls eye competition. He said it was no pressure, inexpensive, didn't take long and I could shoot any pistol I had. He also said it would be a great way to get into some competition shooting. I told Laura about it and we decided to check out the next match.

Thursday rolled around and we headed up to the club range. No one I had previously met was there. I told the range officer we were looking for the bulls eye competition and he indicated it was right here and one round was in progress, but we could jump in on the next one. He was really nice, and helped us get registered and told us what we were going to do. After that round was over, we met some of the other shooters that were there, and they also helped us get set up and gave us the basic rundown on the matches. All of these people even though neither one of us had met any of them before, were really helpful, patient and nice. Just then 2 of the guys I had met before including the one that invited me to come showed up. As the other shooters noticed that I knew them they relaxed even more and pretty soon everyone was talking and joking like we were old friends. When the competition started they explained each stage, the scoring, and what to do, like they were actually glad to have some new people around and they all made us fell very welcome.

It was good fun, an interesting introduction to actual competition and something I want to do again. The guy that invited me said, see, if you get used to this I'll have you shooting IPSC by the end of the year. I am continuously amazed with the people involved in shooting and shooting sports. It's such a big difference from the people I deal with every day that I can't help but be. I hope as I meet more and more gunnies I continue to meet great people that are willing to share their sport.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Overheard in the living room

me: blablabla may issue blabla shall issue (my dialog is just me babbling)
Chris: you know, this whole shall/may issue thing reminds me of Blade Runner.
me: how's that?
Chris: Deckard: I was quit when I come in here, Bryant, I'm twice as quit now.
Bryant: Stop right where you are. You know the score pal. If you're not cop, you're little people.
Deckard: No choice, huh?
Bryant: No choice pal.

Just a little snippet of the things we talk about over dinner...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Netflix "Have Gun - Will Travel"

One of my favorite things is Netflix Watch Instantly. Yes I'm easily amused. It's a kind of strange admiration for me. I feel that of all the things I was lied to about what the future would be like, Netflix came through. Every time I use the service I have to chuckle a little. I'm sure you've heard of it, but if you haven't Netflix offers on demand streaming movies and television shows to pretty much any device with an internet connection. You can get a free 1 month trial here.

A really great feature of this service is that they add tons of old movies and TV shows that you might have heard of, or meant to watch, but never really wanted to rent or buy the DVDs. Sometimes they add a really great one, like this month they added Have Gun - Will Travel. The show spans 225 half hour episodes starring Richard Boone as Paladin, the coolest, cleverest gunfighter you ever met. Paladin is so calm and confident he makes Clint Eastwood's "man with no name" seem twitchy by comparison. I had seen a few episodes, and was impressed, but I'm too young to have watched it on TV and it really was never in syndication. Thanks to Netflix, this is an excellent opportunity to see the rest of this great series. If you want a little drama in your day check out one of the show's openings. Intense eh? Each show opens that way, with a poignant piece of dialogue. The episodes are well written, some even by Gene Roddenberry and star a variety of actors you might recognize before they were famous. I spotted a very young Roscoe P. Coltrane of Dukes of Hazzard fame the other day. The characters vary from episode to episode except Paladin and Hey-boy the bell-hop at the hotel. Paladin's gun, a SAA Colt Cavalry 7.5 inch model chambered in 44-40 plays prominently, as you can see from the opening, even though he only used it when his cleverness couldn't get him out of a jam. One of the other great things about this series is that unlike a lot of old TV shows Have Gun - Will Travel was shot on location. Very few sets and soundstages were used and you can get a great sense of the wide open west watching the show.

I love westerns and my liking the show wasn't a stretch, but Laura who only kinda likes westerns joined me for a few episodes I was watching and really likes it too. Do yourself a favor and check it out. Not only for the western theme, but to see quality television, the way it used to be

This gym thing is kicking my posterior.

Since you were supportive, I figured I'd share an update.

I joined a cheapy gym and set up a personal training routine with one of their trainers.  We're doing a "consultation" plan, which means we meet once a month, then he writes out what I'm supposed to do the rest of the month, and he'll change it up as we go.  Our first session was basically Crossfit and I lasted all of 7 minutes before I nearly revisited lunch.

He's convinced he'll carve 60 lbs of fat off me in a year, and he intends to put 10 lbs of muscle on me in that time.  We'll see if that happens.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm free! I'm free!

...To carry a firearm in states that aren't Maryland, that is.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

A close friend of mine asked me to boost the signal...

A woman close to a friend of mine is in a bit of a dire situation, medically.  She's selling crafty goods, both her handmade items and items donated by other people, in the hopes she can cover her bills.  Here's her story.

If you're not interested in the details but would like to see what she has for sale, please take a peek here and here.  Her direct donation link is here.

Thanks for looking.

Friday, June 10, 2011

"How did you become gunnies?"

Jennifer asked and lots of people are answering, so I figured I'd toss in my little story.

I remember, as a child, not being allowed guns.  The boys in the neighborhood had these neat guns that actually went bang, and I was insanely jealous...but terrified.  Y'see, my parents always appeared to be incredibly anti-gun.  They didn't like me having squirt guns, cap guns were a no-no, and BB guns?  Yeah, they didn't exist in my little world.  Heck, even snap-caps were absolutely verboten.  At the time, I though it was because my parents never wanted me to have any fun EVER because they were the MEANEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD.*

This got long, so hit the jump for the rest!

Curators Corner on the NRA Blog

Thanks to Lars Dalseide and the NRA Museum, one of the coolest things we did at the NRA convention was get the opportunity to see, learn about, and handle some famous and prototype 1911's. This appealed to my geeky love of history and precision mechanical devices so much I almost had a Laura-type squee moment. (Almost?  Hah!  He squeeed and he knows it! - L)

I guess I'm late to the party, but in case any of you are too, the NRA Museum Blog has a weekly segment called Curator's Corner which is a virtual presentation of what my experience at the convention was. Senior Curator Phil Schreier discusses unusual or special firearms in the museums collection. Exhibits have gone from movie guns to historical items and the special and rare.  Not only is this historically interesting, but it's also a great way to see some of what the NRA Museum offers if you can't get there.  Go get your geek on and check it out! No one will see you squee, I promise.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More regarding the bulletin released to Baltimore police...

An update to this post:

Investigative Voice and a local news station have posted about this.  Looks like the police disagree about profiling.

Thing is, had they not said anything about it in the first place, no average person would know what that sticker means.  Now they've guaranteed everyone who HAS that sticker on their car is at risk of break-ins.  Way to go, BCPD.  Are you so bored that you're trying to give yourselves more to do?  I guarantee there's plenty for you to do that doesn't involve picking on law-abiding citizens.

This makes me sick.

Apparently, in California, defaulting on one's student loans means one's husband gets treated like a criminal.

...Wait, what?

Apparently that guy's wife defaulted on her student loans so instead of handling this like any NORMAL credit agency would - you know, with taking it to court, garnishing wages, etc. - they decided this needed a SWAT team.  AT 6 AM.  The cherry on this ridiculous sundae?  The person they were looking for WASN'T HOME AT THE TIME.  Oh, and they tossed the couple's kids in the squad car with their dad.  Because, you know, THAT won't teach them not to trust uniformed individuals ever again...

Seriously, WHAT were they thinking?

ETS: since it appears the initial link is down, go here.  Thanks to Tam for the updated link.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Knives for Kids!

Yes CRKT wants to arm your sugar fueled, spastic, hellion with one of their products. I can picture it now. Kids across the country lying in wait. Torn rag bandanna, hanging upside down from the spinning ceiling fan with it in their teeth, just waiting for you to get home. Yelling ARRRG! ARRRG! as they spin around when you walk through the door.

Actually, CRKT has come up with a nifty idea. Nathan's Knife a joint idea between one of their designers and his son. It's an oversized, pre-cut, unfinished, soft wood kit you can put together with your child. It has all the internal parts of a locking folding knife and actually works like one. A nice project. Recommended for children 7 and up. Looks to me, to be an interesting idea that would teach basic hand/eye coordination and woodworking while the finished product could be used to teach safe knife handling and care for tools. I'm not sure, but it may also qualify as something that could be taken for show and tell. Although I'm not familiar with constitutes a weapon in school these days. Are they still allowed to have pencils?

Check out Nathan's video. He did a great job.

Monday, June 6, 2011

So the police really don't know who their enemy is in Baltimore...

...OR they really just want to eliminate the "competition."  I'm not sure which it really is, but I'm hoping I'm not about to find out.

Protip: if someone's advertizing their support for the Constitution, chances are they're not going to shoot you when you pull them over.  Go after the people who are ACTUALLY breaking the law, these people.