Friday, January 28, 2011


Today will forever be etched in my memory.

The year was 1986. I was on the bus on my way to school. I remember it wasn't snowing. (Today, it's snowing.)

We pulled up the drive to my school and a member of the administration stopped us - I don't remember hearing what she said to the driver, but I do remember the bus turning around, and catching a glimpse of our church up in flames. The church was old, you see, and the electrics were bad. The individual who told us to go home tried to stop us before we saw the church, but it couldn't be helped...everyone in the bus saw it happen.

In tears, the driver dropped everyone off at their respective homes or daycare facilities. In tears, I walked the 200 feet to my babysitter's front door. In tears, I explained to her what I saw. She attempted to console me by saying the space shuttle was taking off, and we could watch it, because it was very important to see, and wouldn't that be fun? I agreed, and my morning was forgotten in my excitement. I knew that if Miss Donna said it was important, then we absolutely MUST watch it, for it's something I would have to remember.

So I waited patiently for the morning to progress. At 11:30, she turned on the TV and we sat and watched the Challenger take off. We cheered; she said we should be happy.

And then we watched it explode. Time stopped.

It is a day I will never forget. May those crewmembers NEVER be forgotten.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Midway’s Wednesday Night at the Range on The Outdoor Channel

It’s Wednesday and for shooting and firearm info on TV you can find no place better than Midway USA’s sponsored block of shooting related programming on The Outdoor Channel. Wednesday Night at the Range The block of programming runs from 7pm onward and covers a variety of topics. There’s no emphasis on hunting here; it’s about guns, shooting sports, self defense and fun. I apologize if I sound a little fanboyish, but I feel that it’s needed programming on a wide range of shooting related topics that do not involve hunting. There is nothing wrong with hunting shows, ok some of them are pretty boring, and others are very good, but there are other reasons that people are into guns and shooting that get very little coverage in media. Some of these other aspects are only discussed on the internet or in magazines and never get any type of exposure to a general audience. Some of these topics include; match shooting, gun reviews, historical information, self defense, fun stuff, how to and others. It’s a good overview of topics which I think gives insight into what types of things gun enthusiasts do while providing information for gun enthusiasts on topics we want to see. I’m not going to review all the individual shows here, but may try and cover them in future posts. The overview approach is very good, and I can see what the producers are going for. As with anything there is room for improvement. There are topical shows that could be added like a C&R type historical collecting show and they could make new episodes of Cowboys which I feel are sorely missed. I would like to see The Best Defense: Survival added back in to the lineup as well. There are some standout shows like Shooting USA with Jim Scoutten which covers all types of popular related shooting activities, and Shooting Gallery from Downrange TV . Shooting Gallery and it’s very likeable host Michael Bane provide a look into different aspects of shooting related topics, some more mainstream like covering a production class division added to a competition shooting match, and some quirky like a gathering of Victorian and Edwardian age firearms enthusiasts and what they do when they get together. Whatever the topic, I feel its best feature is the underlying theme of the show, “fun” as in what kinds of fun things do other firearms enthusiasts do, and how could I get in on it? This approach concentrating on fun things is what I think needs to be emphasized in the shooting world. If you can’t watch all the shows in the lineup try and catch these 2. I bet, like me you’ll like them both for different reasons and you’ll see what I mean about a need for covering other topics.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I suppose it was about time for this...

Good Ol' Frosh and his supporters just put this in writing.

EDITED TO ADD: This one's a doozy, too.

Knowing how many residents of Maryland are fans of firearms, I really honestly hope they cry foul on this one.

...god I hate that guy...

h/t to Fightinbluhen


Looky whose work got a big-time review!

Go read it. :D

Monday, January 24, 2011


So I'm moseying along and as I pass a rather tall cactus a tiny dinosaur jumps out and scares the bejezus out of me. With a big RAWR! she says ( I deduced it was a she by the sheer ferocity of that rawr), You need to post on this blog. And if I don't I said? Then I'll gnaw your ankle until you do, she said, and stomped off into the brush making as much racket as her tiny little dinosaur feet could muster. Giggling with glee and stomping mounds of sand a she went. Not being one liking to have my ankle gnawed on, here we are.

The "war against drugs" is a farce.

As we all know, the US is very anti-drug (but not anti-alcohol or tobacco, which are both drugs, but i digress...). I think most of us would agree that it appears the US is more interested in the money involved in convicting drug users rather than actually attempting to rehabilitate those who are addicted. Locally, they've taken it to such a level that apparently we can fully expect to have SWAT beating down our doors if they so much as suspect we're involved in any kind of drug purchase or sale.

I used to spend time with the local raver folks. They'd nicknamed me "Rave Mommy" - I was the sober one with the backpack full of water bottles, making sure nobody overheated. Sure, this was during a huge lapse in judgment on my part, but these kids were harmless...just high. I figured I'd be fine if I stayed did a few others, including one girl who eventually ended up pregnant. She was living with her boyfriend and a few of their of whom was stupid enough to buy pot online. As can be expected, the local police found out and sent SWAT to their apartment. Instead of working the situation carefully, they broke down the door of the apartment, threw my heavily-pregnant friend on the floor (while naked - they dragged her out of the shower), and cuffed her. At least one of them molested her while she was incapacitated. It took her screaming about being pregnant and suing if anything happened to the baby to convince them to at least allow her to dress and sit upright. Now, maybe it's due to the proximity I had with these people, but I found that utterly appalling. That the precinct ignored her calls about the molestation is even worse, but that's another issue entirely. Suffice it to say, police in Baltimore are generally dirt bags with few notable exceptions.

Then, two years ago, this happened* (that link is a recent article about an old news story)...and my friend's story paled in comparison. What happened to that man is absolutely appalling...and that this thing has dragged out for two years is even worse.

BUT...I'm glad people are talking about it. I'm glad *someone* is trying to change things. Locally, the police are ridiculous when it comes to anything like this...but nationally, the issue is in desperate need of reform.

Portugal figured out a way of changing their national view on the drug problem...and it seems to be working. Why can't we - as a nation - do something similar? Instead of making things less and less accessible (which leads kids to looking for other sources, like bath salts, for a good high), legalize and tax the stuff, then treat addiction as a MEDICAL issue rather than a legal one.

Is it really that hard to consider as a possible option?

*H/T to SaysUncle for the link.

Did you know we're all bloodthirsty murderers?

Apparently that's a common belief among Canadians who don't believe normal, non-military folks should own firearms.

I shared this link with my Canadian friend over the weekend, suggesting that this might be part of the reason Chris and I would never consider hopping the border. He responded with a tirade, not only telling me it's a stupid reason not to leave the US, but telling me if I want guns so much, I should join the military, because that's the best way to murder people legally. We then moved into a debate of reality here vs reality there vs his perception of reality in either situation. I shared personal stories - a neighbor's house was repeatedly vandalized and robbed when I was a kid, and I was assaulted in my parents' backyard as an adult - which apparently shocked him, as he said nothing more to me.

Now, I know I struck a nerve, but dang...I never expected to be called a wannabe murderer by someone I consider a friend. I think it's sad he's so incapable (or unwilling) to see the gray area between relying solely on the police and wanting to kill every living human. I think it's equally sad many of the Brady bunch share his opinions.

Frankly, if I'm a murder and my guns horribly dangerous things, then both my firearms and I seem to be quite defective. No one has been hurt by my presence OR by being in the vicinity of one of my firearms.

Friday, January 21, 2011

New addition to the site!

I'd like to introduce a new writer here, Chris. He'll be writing about the various things that interest him, piss him off, or tickle his funnybone. Or, you know, whatever comes to mind.

Oh, and he's my sweetie. :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another reason why humans suck.

I have yet another reason why i'm terrified of having children.

Seriously, WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? How is it that one child was capable of ruling an entire classroom with terror AND managed to get away with this kind of behavior toward his classmates?

I didn't go to public school, so I honestly don't this what it's like? is it really that bad?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Remember, folks...

When seconds count, the police are minutes away. It just so happens they were over a half hour away this time. Thankfully she didn't end up hurt, but seriously? Arm yourself against attackers. The police cannot and WILL NOT be there every time you need them.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The holidays...from a nonstandard point-of-view.

C and I talked a little last year about the holidays - I think he was trying to distract me from my grandfather passing away in early December - and we came to a conclusion about a few things.

Before I go into that, though, I should give a little background.
Both C and I were reared in the Catholic faith, and attended Catholic schools. We both began to question the teachings of the Church early - in my case, I was in middle school. I believe he began to question things earlier than that. I don't know anything further regarding his separation from the teachings of the Church, but I know my final separation came after 2000, the details of which I will discuss another time.

Anyway, long story short, neither C nor I attend church, follow any Christian rituals, or really believe in the whole "one god" approach to faith. We've been celebrating Christmas as a secular holiday, and focus on the family closeness, food, and giving of ourselves (in the form of gifts, time, etc). We try to avoid too much materialism, and attempt to keep the holiday somewhat understated in our home. He doesn’t really subscribe to any faith, as it were – he’s too logical for that. Me, on the other hand…I believe in the possibility of something greater, but not the idea of a monotheistic religion. It just doesn’t make sense to me.
I've started to read more into the Druid faith - both current traditions, as well as what (limited) information is available of the ancient traditions. While I cannot say I'm a follower of this particular faith, I agree with some aspects of it. I continue to read about it as I get time, though I find time is a bit lacking of late. Chalk it up to working on getting more physical activity into my daily routine.

This year, I sortof celebrated the Solstice. I gave C a small gift and had a very small candle ceremony when I got up to see the eclipse (though I missed the eclipse itself). I expected it to feel silly, but it didn’t…it wasn’t anywhere near what I feel when I used to go through the motions at Mass.

Awhile back I asked what religions/faiths you follow, but I didn’t really get into it. I don’t know if it was merely a lack of desire to get into a discussion, or an outright aversion to it, but I’d like to talk about it now: what do you believe? Are you a member/follower of an organized religion? Are you a Buddhist? Pagan? Follower of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

Just so everyone's aware...

Attempting to bathe a cat is about as easy as stuffing 4 ferrets in a box, one-by-one.

This attempt at levity brought to you by a very angry, damp feline who's doing his best to ignore the fact that he looks like a drowned rat.

Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm terrified of having children,

and this is why.

That letter makes me so ANGRY...not that Zeller never spoke up, but that his family allowed things to get that bad for him. He felt himself unworthy of help, unfixable, possibly because his family didn't care enough. He was such a hurt and broken soul, and while I cannot fault him for taking his own life, I wish he'd sought other options. It's possible he could have had help for it had he just opened up about the issue instead of burying it deep. Burying things like that just causes them to fester and prevents any possibility for healing.

I'm not afraid of losing someone I created as that possibility exists on a daily basis. I'm afraid of that someone being subjected to molestation, abuse, and the kind of pain that cannot be fixed with a band-aid and a cookie. There's no way I would be able to be there 24/7 - a child would have to go to school/friends' houses/the library/elsewhere on a regular basis, and I would have no control over what happens in those locations.

I know that C would like a child, and while I have never wanted children I would be willing to have a child with him...but I'm so very terrified of the risks. It seems like we can't trust ANYONE with our children.

Parents, how have you dealt with these fears? Have they simply never occurred to you or did you want children so badly you were willing to face those risks without fear?

I'm not going to discuss much about what happened in Arizona...

Aside from this:

What happened is disgusting, and should never have happened. The individual who is currently in custody regarding the shooting - assuming he is, in fact, the shooter - should be the one to blame, NOT his party affiliations. Using this as yet another platform for finger-pointing is unconscionable.