Saturday, August 31, 2013

I'm not qute sure how to title this post.

I'm still way behind in checking blog posts. Home time is mostly spent with Chris and in cleaning the house in preparation for a new member of the family joining us soon (NOT a two-legged screaming thing, so don't even suggest it), work time is spent working. So I mostly mark everything as read to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Well, two days ago a fellow blogger did a pretty remarkable thing...especially considering how many pro-gun folks tend to be very against the idea of people's genders not fitting the bodies with which they were born.

I know really, really well how hard it is to admit something that major to family and friends. To admit it to a large crowd of people that may or may not support one is ... stressful. And terrifying. And I'm thrilled to see so many people supporting her.

This isn't eloquent; it's late, my brain is squish, and I'm not terribly good at using my words with that combination of situations. Just go read what she has to say.

Friday, August 30, 2013


Satisfaction is taking a person from total gun newb to multiple purchases in the span of less than a year. I love being able to help that progression along. The person in question had only ever handled long guns (and maybe twice, at that) before I took him to the range to learn to shoot pistols. He has taken this new hobby beyond my expectations. He now has a collector's license and has decided on everything he's buying between now and 10/1. He's acquired at least two AR lowers, has three pistols lined up, an M1A, and is considering an AR10 after things settle down.

He was previously uninvolved in politics, and I even got him to go with me to the protest back in the beginning of the year. One person at a time, we're winning.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The worst thing about going on vacation...

Is trying to pick up where you left off before you went away.

After 8 days disconnected, I'm a bit behind. Marking most things as read. If I've missed something important, please let me know.