Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Whatever-you-celebrate.

Even if it's just "Wednesday."  Merry whatever. :)

Monday, December 23, 2013

10 Alternate Christmas Movies

So it's that holiday season, the decorations are up, and the presents are wrapped. The lights are twinkling, the tree is looking good and the snow may or may not be falling. You're digging the mood, a little cheery, a little dreamy as long as you don't talk about Christmas itself everything will be fine. You just want to sit down and relax, maybe watch a movie, but everything is Christmas themed.  Santa this and Reindeer that, it's spoiling your mood. If only I could find something to watch that would maybe keep me right in this twilight place.

Here are 10 suggestions that take place at Christmas, but aren't about Christmas. They are in no particular ranking order. Because hey, we already had enough fighting and arguing.    

Sci Fi / Horror

Night of the Comet - 80's Cult classic, Space Zombies, Teens ruling the world and the ultimate line for spoiled, bratty valley girls everywhere "See, Daddy would've gotten us UZI's."

Black Christmas - 1974 Some say the film that started the slasher genre.  The first creepy phone call heavy breather. Sorority girls terrorized at Christmas.

Gremlins - You know this one but you forgot it's Christmas.  Fun, creepy, don't get em wet and don't feed em after midnight.


Rocky IV - 80's, Ivan Drago, Training montage in the snow and a fight on Christmas eve?  Enough Said.

Lethal Weapon - Awesome 80's, Awesome Buddy Cops, Awesome bad guy, Awesome action flick you forgot takes place at Christmas.

Die Hard -  Gaining in popularity this time of year as the best un-Christmas Christmas movie, but it's actually about a Christmas theme. Still it's pretty damn great.


Better Off  Dead - Another cult classic. Teen Comedy rife with that aww nostalgia feeling for people my age. John Cusack in a drag race with Asian guys that can only speak English as Howard Cosell.

1941- The forgotten Spielberg comedy containing an all star cast.  It's not great, but it's good, and it takes place in mid December.

Grumpy Old Men - It's funny and snowy.  Jack Lemon, Walter Matthau and Ann Margret.  The add libs are great and don't forget to look for Burgess Meredith's outtakes.

Trading Places - Lot's of Christmas background, but revenge isn't really a Christmas theme is it?  Very Funny, some overt some dry humor, all good.

Honorable Mention Drama

Eyes Wide Shut - It's very dreamy and surreal, but also very heavy on context and plot. It is about a Christmas theme.  Unless you want something to really sink your teeth into skip until you can pay attention to detail.

Hope I may have helped and Have a Merry Christmas!