Thursday, June 25, 2009

I forgot to mention the last newbie I took to the range.

Somehow I forgot to make this post...sorry, C. I know this is all about you, and I meant to post it eons ago.

Anyhow, on with the post.

My friend C. had been having a BAD week at work, and I happened to have ammo in the locker, so I suggested we meet at the range and I teach him a thing or two about shooting pistols. His experience was limited - he'd only ever shot a long gun or two - but he at least had the 4 rules down, so I had less concern about safety than I normally would. I'd also like to mention that C has played plenty of first person shooter type video games, so I knew he'd at least have a good grasp of proper aim.

When we arrived, we rented a large-frame .22 revolver, and got to work. The revolver in question may have been a S&W, but it's been so long I've forgotten (C, if you remember the brand, please let me know). It proved to be an effective introduction - he giggled like an idiot through most of that box of ammo, and was damned accurate. I think the lack of recoil helped.

We moved up to the Bersa (I swear, she gets around nowadays!) and let him fire off a round to see the difference between the two calibers. He knew it had a stronger recoil, but he managed the difference very well. Again, he was scary we worked on his stance. I forced him to lean forward a little, since one's natural inclination is to lean back while firing, and his accuracy got better. I insisted he work on groupings, and his accuracy continued to improve.

He seemed thoroughly pleased with the evening, and still itches to go back. One of these days, when life isn't quite so busy, I think we shall.

Next range report will likely be an introduction for either my friend R, or my cousin V. Both have expressed interest, so we're working on scheduling.

Yet another Del-Ton delay.

I called Del-Ton again yesterday. I MAY see the uppers in July. Supposedly they're working on a day for day basis (they complete one day's orders from the month they were ordered, and complete them in a day). Right now they're finishing December and expect to be into January next week.

I swear, if they weren't so polite and forthcoming with information, I would have canceled my order and taken my business elsewhere.

I understand they were swamped with orders. I understand they've had to buy a new, larger shop. I understand they bought a barrel manufacturer to take care of the 20" barrel shortage (guess what size barrel I ordered for my rifle?). What I DO NOT understand is the lack of communication. I shouldn't have to hunt them down; I shouldn't have to call them. They should be sending out mass emails with updates every month (and an opt-out link at the bottom). I know there are those who are far less patient than I am...I'm sure they're having fits over this crazy amount of delay. I'm absolutely certain they've been calling the hell out of the company - when I called yesterday morning, the line was busy and the website was slow. At what point will a company realize "gee, maybe we should be proactive about letting people know what's going on"?

I mean, I'm patient. I really am. I would just like to see the items I ordered nearly six months ago to show up at my house sometime this year, and I'd like a constantly updated ETA on the site when I log in to see my status. That's all. I hope this is a simple enough request.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Good news!

Wal Mart is starting to see ammo in their shipments. Upon my visit on Saturday, the Wally World near my parents' house had 5 100-ct boxes of Winchester .380, as well as a handful of 9mm in various brands. Apparently the consumer resale prices of ARs have gone down, as well - some folks have seen them on Gunbroker for $600 for a complete rifle.

Hopefully the panic has died down. How have your areas fared? Are you seeing more supplies in stores?