Friday, February 13, 2009

Today I find myself more annoyed by people in general.

A friend of mine directed me to this post, which discusses a "guns for diamonds" deal at a pawn shop.

This isn't what irritates's one of the commenters, one Sarah in Chicago, who fully believes that those of us who enjoy firearms should not be allowed to own them. She then goes on to say that people who "like guns" are essentially unstable.

Then she goes on to compare gun owners to computer owners, claiming that people only own one computer.

Please, someone go educate this girl on nerds and firearms enthusiasts...I don't have the energy for it today.


Unknown said...

Yeah, that's just plain stupid. Nothing wrong with liking guns, or computers, or cars, or bikes. Yes, some of us might get passionate about tools, or activities we enjoy.

I get the shivers thinking of the world she's looking for, where you're not allowed to do anything you enjoy, because, you know, letting you enjoy something would be WRONG.

Laura said...

Agreed. Frankly, she (and the myriad others like her) terrifies me completely.

Mike W. said...

hmmm, I like cars, and if I had the money I'd have 20 of em and my own private road course.

Guess I must be "unstable."

And yeah, talk about stupid. I'm not a computer geek by any means and I own 2 computers.

mike's spot said...

I wanted to comment but it kept telling me to make an account?

anyway- Guns are tools- certain tools for certain jobs. sure you can make the wrong tool perform a different job, and you'll get shitty results.

Some people like jewelry, I don't get Leary of the man or woman with more than one watch or pair of earrings.

Some people responsibly enjoy alcohol, I don't think they are going to cause an accident if they buy wine or spirits by the case.

they show no faith in people- by blaming things.

I own a lot of guns- I wouldn't say I 'fetishize' them- even though they would probably say that of me.

how better to discredit a person than to assign labels that have strong social stigma already attached to them?

Mike W. said...

I started up a little dialogue with her. Couldn't help myself.

Unknown said...

Ooh, where, I want to sit and watch!

Mike W. said...

Zigdon - Here

mike's spot said...

a good bit of piling on over there :)

Tam said...

I own... um... heck, I'm not sure how many computers I own, from a TRS-80 Model 100 to a NeXT to a bunch of Macs to the P4 I'm typing on. Is this a sign of being a dangerously unstable "computer nut"?

(It would probably completely wig her out if I told her that... um... heck, I'm not sure how many guns I own, either, at least without checking a spreadsheet. But it's a lot.)

Laura said...


I have (just within view) two laptops, three Windows boxes, one G4 Cube, and one G3. This is less than normal, as I got rid of a few rigs when I moved. The other half has more than this. I suppose the three of us are dangerously unstable. I suppose we're prone to sudden dangerous strings of "nerd speak?"

Ah hell, it's WAY too early to try and use logic to explain this chick.

Mike W. said...

Laura - Her ignorance is astounding, though given our educational system these days I guess it's inevitable.

mike's spot said...

bah its not education. we aren't sheep. I blame fluoride in the water.

Mike W. said...

Looks like she deleted comments on her blog.

hmmm, "reasoned discourse" strikes again.

Just prior to that she tried to tell me that the police & military were different from ordinary citizens because they have "societal sanction to kill when necessary."

A terrifyingly stupid comment. Like you said Laura, people like her terrify me.