Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Good news!

Wal Mart is starting to see ammo in their shipments. Upon my visit on Saturday, the Wally World near my parents' house had 5 100-ct boxes of Winchester .380, as well as a handful of 9mm in various brands. Apparently the consumer resale prices of ARs have gone down, as well - some folks have seen them on Gunbroker for $600 for a complete rifle.

Hopefully the panic has died down. How have your areas fared? Are you seeing more supplies in stores?


Becca Jane St Clair said...

I know they sell guns and ammo at the Wal-Mart in Lancaster, too.

Laura said...

yes, most (if not all) do, but there's been a nationwide shortage for months. there are some calibers we still can't get (.45 comes to mind), and i actually saw more than one box of .380 for the first time in eons. i had to restrain myself from buying all of them.

Mike W. said...

I've noticed AR-15 prices coming down a bit, though everything is still badly back ordered.

I haven't seen prices for 9mm, .357 SIG, or .45ACP going down any though. Ditto for .223/5.56. I have noticed a bit more ammo avaliable online, but the prices for most part haven't dropped to levels I'm willing to deal with.

The market would correct itself if people would stop buying at inflated prices. It looks like that's starting to happen on an isolated basis, but something tells me we've got at least a few more months before things get closer to "normal."

Hell, a case of .223 Wolf is currently running about what I paid for the brass cased Prvi I split with you. That tells me prices are still way too high.

Laura said...

i'm not even TRYING to buy for the AR yet...'snot like i can shoot what i have of the stuff you got, anyway.

i'll keep getting a box here and there of .380, if only because i have virtually nothing. i won't let the other half get .45 yet.

Mike W. said...

I snagged 500 rds. of .45 @ $17 box not too long ago. (and then they ran out) Once that's gone who knows when I'll be able to find more.

mike's spot said...

22lr is still tough to find at a reasonable price by me. I haven't really checked other calibers as I don't really buy factory ammo.

Gun availability seems to be improving, and the used gun market is picking up by me. One of my dealers said that he really took a nose dive in sales lately.