Monday, July 20, 2009

Boyfriends, birthdays, and firearms.

Truly, these are a match made in heaven.

My birthday is coming up in about 12 hours, and this weekend the other half took me to pick up my first .22 rifle. We ended up going to Dick's at one of the local malls, since their prices tend to be the best for long guns.

I had my choice of any .22 up to $250, but I'm picky. I had the gentleman behind the counter pull a Savage, a Mossberg, and a Marlin for me (the Ruger wasn't even under consideration due to some recent QC issues I've been reading about - it seems the chrome finish has been peeling on some of the barrels).

All were semiauto, and the Mossberg and Marlin rifles had open sights while the Savage had a scope and no sights. This knocked the Savage out of the running, so I was down to the Mossy and the Marlin. The Mossberg 702 "Plinkster" and the Marlin 795 seem equally matched - the Mossberg weighs more overall, but the Marlin is rather barrel-heavy. I'd also light to point out that both of these rifles are $130, which appealed to my inner frugal woman. The Mossberg's sights seem far better, as well, so we ended up bringing that home. It's already tapped for a scope, so if I get bored with the existing sights, I can always upgrade. For now, though, the hooded sight should be enough.

I haven't yet cleaned it OR taken any pictures, so you'll have to trust me for now. :)


Mike W. said...

Sweet! New guns, and one that can be shot on the cheap!

Any cool plans for your B-day tomorrow?

Laura said...

nah, nothing really. my parents made me an amazing dinner yesterday (crab soup, crab cakes, corn on the cob, salad, and a bean/red pepper/onion side), and Chris made me an amazing dinner Saturday (pesto chicken with noodles and cheesy zucchini from the garden). i'm laying low this year. :)

Mike W. said...


Laura said...

My apologies! I've been lax in posting pictures for quite a few things lately. I'll get on it when I get home, I promise!