Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A rifle comparison video for modern rifles.

Remember this post?

I came across an updated video that discusses a similar issue between the AR15 and its growing popularity as a hunting rifle. It's been released by the NSSF as a promotional and educational video, and it's definitely worth the watch. Bonus points for Doug Painter - his laid-back demeanor on screen makes him an ideal presenter here.

I've been reconsidering using the Mauser as a hunting rifle. The usability of the AR platform really opens up the possibility of using that as a hunter, provided I get a decent upper for it.

Any opinions from my readership of 3? :)


Mike W. said...

Depends what you're hunting. I'm not a hunter, but I'd think the 8mm Mauser would be far more effective on deer than .223/5.56.

Not that you can't use 5.56 for deer, but it's a little on the small end. I know in some states you can't use .223/5.56 for deer.

My other concern is this. .223/5.56 tends to rely on fragmentation for wounding, which you obviously don't want if you'll be eating the deer.

Laura said...

After talking with C recently, I was under the impression one could swap up for larger calibers with our lowers. I could be wrong - C is frequently a little off in his information - but that's how he explained it to me.

Mike W. said...

Ah yes, this is true. I didn't mention that since I assumed you meant a standard 5.56 AR.

A 6.5 Grendel or 6.8 SPC would be good for hunting I'd think, though they're not cheap and ammo is even more expensive than 5.56. My preference would be the Grendel.


Pretty sure you can swap to 6.5 or 6.8 with your lowers, but I'm not sure about mags (will standard AR mags work?) Might want to shoot Robb Allen an e-mail. I know he has an AR in 6.8 SPC.

Laura said...

Yeah, C was talking about a 6.5 Grendel.

I don't know...my thoughts are still way up in the air at this point. I mean, I still don't have *my* upper since my gas block is backordered.

mike's spot said...

45 bushmaster is an option too. What are you hunting? I use my AR for game up to coyote by me.

My hunting buddy took a nice gray fox 3 seasons ago with a 223.

A lot of people go back and forth on the adequacy of 223 for whitetail sized game. They do have some pretty heavy projectiles.

I look at it this way- a 243 pushing an 80 gr bullet will do about 3100 fps.

a 223 with a 77gr projectile does about 2750. is 3 gr and 350 fps a big difference? Is the frontal diameter between a .243projectile and a .223 in projectile different?

Maybe. But I'm not sure if its enough to make these ethical dilemmas.

I'm of the opinion that if you break an animal down at the shoulder, you can give it a quick, humane death and harvest that animal ethically. I think a heavy 223 can do that.

I think you can also do 7.62x39 in the same length mag well, which is also nothing to shake a stick at for game harvesting.

Laura said...

we would be hunting deer...i'm not keen on hunting predators, and we'll have shotguns for birds.

thanks for the info, though...i'll pass it along. :)