Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Q&A: Hunting

Someone I know asked me a list of questions regarding our reasons for getting licensed to hunt, and I have been working on answers...This list will be updated as time goes by.

Why did you get licensed?
This one's easy.  I intend to hunt, to bring down my own food.  I also intend to help control the deer population in my state.  Without any natural predators and with a crazy amount of forest edge (supreme deer habitat) covering the majority of wooded areas near me, they've become a menace.  They eat themselves to starvation and disease and they cause accidents.  Without hunters to control them, I don't even want to imagine what would happen to the local population.  It would probably end up dying out eventually.

Are you going to hunt for trophies as well as food?
Not likely. I don't care about a deer head on the wall.  I'm all about need, not excess.

Will you eat every deer you take?
Ideally, we would ONLY eat what we take.  If I accidentally kill more than intended, I will donate extra to a food kitchen.  Goodness knows they could use it.

If you weren't going to hunt, would you take the class anyway?
Most likely.  At $10 for the class, it's hard to pass up.  Besides, one can never be too prepared - should the Zombiepocalypse occur, I'd like to be able to legally shoot zombie animals before they decide to nom on my brainmeats.  And camo is the new black, or so I'm told.

Why don't you just buy beef at the store like normal people?
I do, currently, but I'd prefer not to buy in to the meat industry in the US.  I can't really afford the astronomical prices of organic, grass-fed, farm-raised meat, and I'm very uncomfortable with knowing the torture factory farms force animals to endure.  I also don't like all the chemicals the farms pump into those animals.  I enjoy eating meat, but not at the expense of an animal's health.  Deer have healthier diets, their meat is leaner, and I feel it tastes better.  If I can provide a healthier option for my meat-eating family, why not go this route and help with population control in the process? 

    If you're a newbie looking to pick up some safety skills with a firearm, or if you're looking to get into hunting, I definitely recommend the class.

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