Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Well that's ONE good thing...

A Maryland judge has dropped wiretapping charges on a biker who caught a cop's ridiculous behavior on video. Sorry, Mr. Officer Person, but if you approach someone with a video camera STRAPPED TO HIS HEAD, it's pretty obvious you're being recorded.

Mind you, I think the guy on the bike should have been smacked with a ticket for speeding and reckless driving. He was riding like a moron, and should have been pulled over...he just shouldn't have had a gun pulled on him by an unidentified plainclothes cop for it.


FightinBluHen51 said...

The rider was hit with some serious tickets for speeding and what not and he admitted he deserved them. He surly did not deserve the treatment he got with gun drawn, as well as with the Gestapo treatment once the vid went viral.

Laura said...

Understood...my secondary comment merely clarifies my opinion of the WHOLE thing, not just the altercation with the douchecanoe plainclothes guy.

Mike W. said...

Umm, how did I miss blogging about this back in July?

Good lord that video is all kinds of crazy / stupid.

Thank god I was in Delaware when I got nabbed @ 120+.

Unknown said...

Two idiots: one with a hidden cam, the other with a hidden badge. Lovely.

Mike W. said...

Two idiots: one with a hidden cam, the other with a hidden badge. Lovely.

I wouldn't call a fairly obvious helmet cam "hidden." Other than that, point taken. They were both idiots.

I have trouble even finding the right words to describe the utter stupidity of that cop.

Obviously we don't have the whole story, but I'd have a hard time not faulting that biker if he lived somewhere else, had a CCW, and had drawn on the cop.

Performing any kind of traffic stop in plain clothes in a personal vehicle is idiotic and dangerous for both parties. That's before you consider that he jumped out of the car and drew his sidearm.

I'm pretty sure policy here is to call, follow at a distance if you must, and request that a marked crusier perform the stop. I know my brother did that at least once when he was off-duty in his younger years.