Sunday, October 24, 2010

Friends are mind readers!

This weekend, C and I had a party...Mike dropped by and decided to bring belated birthday pressies with him.

I swear, the guy can read my mind. He somehow *knew* I needed another mag for my Bersa. He also gave me a nifty Bersa tank top. In exchange, I gave him food and fun for a weekend. :D

Mike, I love ya. :D


Mike W. said...

that's the site with all the Bersa stuff that somehow escaped my mind over the weekend.

Thanks for having me Laura :)

Also, glad I got rid of that .380. It was getting lonely in my closet with no gun to shoot it (since I bought a P6 instead of a Bersa)

What are you guys going to use as defensive ammo in the AR's? sells the TAP rounds for the cheapest I've found.

Laura said...

Thanks for the link. It's bookmarked at home.

I'm glad you were able to come this year. We've gotta work on this once a year thing.

The ammo will definitely go to good use. :D We were GOING to attempt to use it before D and K flew out, but the timing just wasn't right and they didn't want to be I think we're potentially planning on a summer thing.

We haven't really figured out much with the ARs. C bought a few different brands that we'll put through them to see if we get continued issues with them.

Mike W. said...

We've gotta work on this once a year thing.

Yes, yes we do :)

One box of .380 is going to last you till summer? Geez, you're as bad as I am.