Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Attention Preppers and Gardening Enthusiasts

If you're into gardening, or seed saving and stockpiling I would like you to consider buying a catalog and possibly the seeds for your upcoming garden from D. Landreth Seed Co. D. Landreth is the oldest seed company in America and was founded in 1784. They list every president from George Washington to FDR as prior customers. I recently found out that the company is having some financial problems and is attempting to increase their catalog sales in order rectify this problem. Their beautiful catalog is full of illustrations and information on seeds and plants dating back to 1839. It can be seen and purchased here for $5.45. It also makes a great gift for the prepper on your list.

Rather than just a plug I'll give you a review. D. Landreth is a local company to me and I have been buying seed from them for several years, in fact I have met the owners at local flower and garden shows. They are very nice, free with advice and will go out of their way to make sure you get what you want and ensure your order is straight. D. Landreth carries heirloom vegtable and flower seeds, bulbs and gardening gifts. If you are unfamiliar with heirloom seeds these are the type that grow what the package says time after time. They are exactly the type of seeds that you want to stockpile or cultivate and save in your survival garden. I've tried a lot of these different veggies and flowers and picked ones that I really like and that are easy to grow. The seeds I've received from D. Landreth have been consistantly fantastic. I rarely get seeds that won't sprout. The resulting plants always produce in abundance. I have found the plants to be hardy even when I get forgetful and neglect them. I have also tried sevceral of their flowers and their famous Zinnia Collection. If you like flowers try some in a sunny spot. Landreth's Zinnias grow big and are beautiful. We got compliments from the neighbors all summer and fall. I had a few plants even hang on and bloom in November this year due to our extended warm fall. The colors are fantastic and the effort was non existant. I thew the seeds in some loose dirt in a flower bed, covered and watered. Really! And bam! big colorful Zinnias all summer. The seeds really have been great. I only order vegtable seeds from 2 companies now and Landreth is one of them.

Some info about D. Landreth's difficulty
Help Save One of America's Heirloom, Non-GMO Seed Houses

Washington Gardener

D. Landreth on Facebook


Bubblehead Les. said...

Thanks for the heads up! Now that most of the major construction around my yard is done, there WILL be a Fresh Garden next year at my place. Red Peppers for $1.99 a lb.? Enough!

Anonymous said...

I wrote for a cataloge and told them I heard about them on your blog.

Unknown said...

My mom loves planting flower seeds and she always has the best garden.

RobertSlaughter said...

Are they *just* heirloom seeds, or a mixed catalog of hybrids and heirlooms?

Chris said...

According to what I can see on Landreth's site they offer this "LANDRETH DOES NOT SELL AND, IN 225 YEARS OF BUSINESS, HAS NOT EVER SOLD GMO SEEDS OR PLANT MATERIAL. NONE OF OUR SEEDS ARE CHEMICALLY OR BIOLOGICALLY COATED OR TREATED, IN ANY WAY. WE DO NOT USE CHEMICALS OR PESTICIDES IN OUR WAREHOUSE. CAREFUL WAREHOUSE CONTAINERIZATION AND TWO HARD WORKING CATS KEEP MOST OF THE CRITTERS UNDER CONTROL. Landreth guarantees its seeds and hard goods to the full extent of your purchase price. You must be completely satisfied with them. If you are not satisfied with them, for whatever reason, return the seed packet or hard good with a short note of explanation within six months of purchase." The vast majority of seeds they sell are heirloom/open pollinated seeds. The few hybrid seeds that they carry are labeled so, and are old hand bred hybrids. This gets to be sticky in peoples minds that are only looking for the label "heirloom" and would be worthy of its own post later as it's confusing and old hand bred hybrids sometimes become open pollinated / heirloom plants. Some of the best loved heirloom tomatoes for instance, started life as hand selected and bred hybrids. As usual its always best to look up the particular variety of vegtable your looking for to see what its pollination history is.

Thank you for checking them out!