Thursday, January 19, 2012

Request for a friend: 5.25" Taurus 24/7 OSS?

Someone I know is shopping pretty hard for an inexpensive, fun-to-shoot 9mm, and the aforementioned Taurus caught his eye. He likes the barrel length, capacity, and price tag, wants to know if it's a fun range toy.

Anyone here have any opinions...or does anyone local to Maryland or Delaware own one they'd be willing to let him shoot?

Thanks in advance!


ZerCool said...

I don't have one.

I have a slight distrust (with no definable basis) of Taurus firearms. As a range toy, it would likely be just fine. What happens when "range toy" becomes "bedside gun"?

For not-much-more, an M&P9 is a (IMHO) far better piece, and an M&P9L would meet the barrel length.

But that's my nickel.

Mike W. said...

Can't help either, but I tend to agree with Zercool.

Here's an M&P9L

Bubblehead Les. said...

Well, I just checked the Taurus site, and it looks they have Discontinued that Model in favor of the G2. Now, that probably means that, although Taurus will honor the Lifetime Warranty, getting extras will soon be hard to come by. Sounds like some Dealer is clearing the Shelves.

But since he wants a Full-Size 9mm with a large Capacity, but is on a Tight Budget, perhaps they could look at Smith's SD9 series? Next level down from the Fantastic M+P line, but w/o all the main Goodies. Think of buying Vanilla Ice Cream instead of Chocolate Souffles. Plus, they have a nice Home Defense Package with Lasers, extra Mag, etc., all designed for the Nightstand.

And there in lies the Rub. It sounds like that your friend is looking for a Nightstand Gun that is Cheap to Shoot and Practice with, but is NOT going to be used for Every Day Carry. Which is Fine, but Service Size Pistols a little harder to conceal if he ever wants to try and get a CHP. Plus, I don't know what Hoops Maryland Gun Laws make you go through, but T-Bolt told me last December that Ownership isn't the Problem for Magazines, you just can't buy them. So one has to take a Road trip to Virginia to get the extras. So he'll have to take that into account, also.

Hope this helps.

Bob S. said...

I have a Taurus Mil Pro, the PT-145.

I have found it to be a reliable handgun that will take any round I put in the magazine.

The Mil Pro is not a hand gun I would put a 300 rounds through each trip but the 24/7 could be.

Old NFO said...

Gotta agree with Zer and Mike...

ZerCool said...

A few more thoughts:
- Browning Hipower or clone thereof.
- S&W 59xx third-gen auto.
- CZ-75
- Makarov? (9x18 is a bit harder to find than 9x19, but tends to be less expensive.)

Les mentioned the SD9, which is essentially a re-badged Sigma. Not a bad gun at all, less "tactical" than the M&Ps.

Joel L. said...

I have two 24/7 9mm pistols and they are very reliable. I use a 24/7 Pro C 9mm for my regular carry gun. It has hundreds of rounds through it without a feed problem. The 24/7 Pro 9mm with 4" barrel was traded to my father because the slide spring was easier to cycle than his XD9. It was as reliable as my compact version.

Because of the excellent results from the 9mm Taurus 24/7, I bought a 24/7 OSS in .45. It was not reliable. It would not feed reliable. I traded it in on something else.

I think the 24/7 OSS 9mm would be excellent. I just wouldn't recommend the same series in .45. I think the basic layout for this gun doesn't feed the larger round well.

For 9mm, the Taurus works great.

I also have the XD9 that I traded to my father and XD45 Tactical that I use in USPSA matches, and a Taurus 85 snubbie .35spl that I also use for carry depending on weather and attire.

All my current pistols work very reliably and I would recommend them all.

Two that I would not recommend from my past experience: 24/7 OSS .45ACP, and Colt Pocket 9. Both had frequent feed problems and were not corrected by the factory or in the case of the Colt by a very good gunsmith.

Unknown said...

I'm the one looking for said pistol.

To those worried it would be a bedside gun, don't be. There's a 1911, a Remington 870, and at last resort an AR all within grabbing distance.

This would strictly be a range gun, cheap to own, cheap to shoot. If it breaks, I send it back and wait for it to return.

I know there are cheaper, but this really meet my fancy. Besides, I could always go for a Hi-Point ;) ha!

Anyway, thanks for all the input! It is hard to find said pistol. :(

NotClauswitz said...

If you're looking for a cheap range-gun why not shop the used aisle for a good gun that needs a new home? I've never bought a new gun and still I own a few Sigs, some Colts, a couple Smiths, an AR and a Garand.