Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Against my better judgement, I watched Doomsday Preppers.

Here's my opinion.

Family 1 - The head of the family covered their in-ground pool and set it up as a greenhouse - they keep tilapia in the deep end, with chickens over it, duckweed covering it (to feed the fish), and they use the greenhouse to grow food. They also keep a pair of goats. Great idea for providing for your family, but if things got to the point where power is not restored, how in the heck does that guy think he's going to protect his family? Now that he's on this show, he's a big dang target. Even with "educating" the neighbors, he'd end up overrun and out of food sooner than later. Smooth, dude. Real smooth. Furthermore, how does he plan on dealing with the inevitable sewage problem? How does he plan on avoiding disease? He didn't really discuss that beyond bagging their waste and "keeping it separate."

Family 2 - Okay, this lady's approaching things a bit differently. Lots of shelf-stable "prep" food. Has currency concerns, recognizes the possibility of an increase of home invasions, takes the kids to the range. Admitting her full name and showing her house on TV kindof destroys the whole point of getting food delivered at night, though.

Family/Group 3 - These guys seem to be the most prepared. Holy damn that's a lot of people to feed, though. It appears they've focused on combining knowledge to cover a range of skillsets. They're also raising cattle and chickens on a farm where they intend to get two families together to protect everybody. They've addressed border security and firearms training. These guys could easily be called exceedingly paranoid.

Family 4 - This guy...yeah. He's got an underground bunker. He's been preparing for nuclear holocaust for years. I don't think I really need to say any more about this guy. I don't recall if they said he's former military, but I get that feeling from watching his segment of the show. I would be concerned about their food choices, though, if their showcase dinner was ramen and mac&cheese. I understand those are shelf-stable foods, but you can't stay healthy on food like that. Still, dude's pretty much ready for anything short of running out of water in a year...and his bunker's out in the middle of Nowhere, Utah, making his cache the hardest to find out of the 4.

I don't think I'd watch more episodes, but it's interesting to see how many average people are really starting to get paranoid.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

My husband was flipping channels and that's how I saw it. My own feeling--and I know how others might feel differently--is that I think I'd rather die when the apocalypse comes then live like that now.

Both snippets I've seen it has been morbidly obese people on the show. It makes no sense to worry about dying in an apocalypse, but taking no precautions right NOW as far as your health goes!

Laura said...

Agreed. A lot of these people seem to neglect their current health in favor of hoarding food and supplies. Can't live too long on a meager diet when one's health is utter crap.

I don't intend to go out without a fight, should something like the end of civilization come to pass...but I'm also well aware that if civilization crumbles, survival really is a gamble even with the best possible provisions. Those in poor health are merely leaving a cache behind for those who outlive them.