Thursday, March 1, 2012

Guns on the "want!" list.

Chris and I were discussing Mike's newest acquisitions over the weekend, and we talked about the thing that's still waiting at the store for my tax refund to go through.

Apparently, Chris is convinced that once I purchase said firearm, I won't want any other brand because it's just that good. I refuse to agree. So after we finished that conversation, I started thinking of the guns on my "want" list.

The list is very short, but I feel it's worth mentioning. And nothing on this list is from the same brand as the firearm I'm purchasing.

The Chic Lady. Don't mock me. I like it, and it matches my purse. So there. :P

Beretta PX4 Storm in 9mm.

Beretta CX4 Storm, also in 9mm. I like the idea of interchangeable mags. Still want to shoot TheMiller's, though. AHEM.

Some sort of affordable semiauto shotgun would be sexy. Thinking a Stoeger Model 2000 is a very real possibility.

A non-snubnose .357 revolver. Not sure what brand yet, but I do want something that will stand up to a LOT of range abuse. Something I can upgrade would be neat, too.

A Rossi Ranch Hand in .38/.357 would be neato.

A "Red Nine" Mauser C96. I've always liked'em. Of course, I might have to sell a few organs to afford it, but this IS a "wish" list, after all.

A Vektor CP1. I don't care that this is a ridiculous want, or that it's impossible, and I don't care that these things are incredibly unreliable according to my learnings on the internets. I still dig'em. I think it's the raygun appearance. I feel like it belongs on the set of Galaxy Quest or Wormhole X-Treme.

Oh, I'd also like one of these. They're so damned spendy they might as well sit on this list.

I'll add/update this as needed. What's on YOUR list?


Bubblehead Les. said...

Well, I got to fire the Miller's CX4 Storm, and even I was able to hit Steel out to 250 yards. And I'm happy to be a MOP (Minute of Planet) shooter. But they are getting Pricey.

I am a little Confused about you wanting a non- Snub .357 Revolver that you can Upgrade. What do you mean by "Upgrade?" Are you talking Lasers, Tritium Sights, etc? Not saying anything Bad about that at all, just curious. Because I'd get a Good Used Smith and Wesson Model 19 or 66. There are TONS of Accessories for the K-Frame out there, and Gun Smiths for them are easy to find if you need Maintenance. I'd just get an Older one w/o that stupid Safety Lock they're putting in nowadays.

As for the Charter Arms, carry any damn color you want as long as you carry it! It's getting Really Nutso out there! Take Care.

Mike W. said...

Millers CX4 is a .40 S&W not 9mm, but damn that gun is fun. It's on m want list too.

Jennifer said...

I got to shoot a CX4 in 9mm. It was awesome!