Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm glad I live in this city.

Because when things like this become more frequent, it'll make ANYWHERE else seem like heaven.

And last night, on my way home, the jackass commissioner decided HEY LET'S HAVE A SEAT BELT CHECKPOINT ON BEL AIR ROAD (which happens to be a heavily-traveled thoroughfare for people entering and leaving the city on the east side).

In the past 2 weeks alone the violence and crime has skyrocketed...because kids are out of OF COURSE it makes sense to waste time and manpower on a bloody seat belt checkpoint.


Old NFO said...

Your town is becoming more and more like Boston/NYC, time to move to AMERICA!!!

Laura said...

More like Detroit. City taxes and government are pushing people out, crime is ridiculous, and all our industry is pretty much gone. Huge sections of the city, at least on the east side, have maybe one or two residents per block while the rest of the houses are boarded up. Hopkins has bought a bunch of those empty neighborhoods, but there's still a lot more that are like miniature ghost towns.

The Harbor's dangerous at night during the summer...and now, it's starting to become dangerous during the day. That's where all our major tourism is, and if that area becomes unsafe, there goes a HUGE financial draw. It's no wonder the city fought so hard to bring the race to our streets - they needed to find something to bring people (and their wallets) inside.

Old NFO said...

Good point Laura... sigh