Monday, August 27, 2012

Breaking news: Perry Hall high school has a shooting in the cafeteria on the first day of the year.

This has JUST hit the news (and I'm told it's already gone national):

School shooting at Perry Hall High

I truly hope the victim is alright, though they flew him/her to Shock Trauma so it sounds quite serious. They're evacuating the school, and parents can pick up their kids in the shopping center across the street. Local folks: if you know parents with students at the school, please make sure they know this information.

UPDATE: There are THREE evac sites: Perry Hall Shopping Center; the Middle School across the street; Joppa View Elementary. PLEASE get in touch with your child/ren and figure out where he/she/they are.

UPDATE: Honeygo Park is also being used as an evac site.


Old NFO said...

Sad story, but it looks like the teachers and other adults jumped the perp and stopped him shortly after the first shot... Apparently a goth type (bullied they say)...

Laura said...

It's really quite a clusterfuck of a story. I've seen more rumor than fact today, so I'm waiting for more information to be released by the police/school/family.

Thank goodness the teachers did as they were instructed in their disaster plan. Perry Hall has always made a point to protect their students...I can remember it was considered safe when I was in high school, and they've stepped up their game as the area around the school has gotten more and more questionable.

Old NFO said...

A picture thrown up looks like a little gang banger being taken out... low rider pants, one pant leg hiked up!

Laura said...

Yeah, appearances say one thing, and his facebook says something entirely different. It's possible the pant leg went up when he was tackled...his facebook indicates he was a bit of a goth kid.