Friday, December 14, 2012

God, 2012 sucks.

Today I read that Garand Gal lost her puppy, Hag. My heart just broke a second time in two days.

You see, Deckard's been at the vet since Wednesday. And I'm not sure how much longer we're going to have him with us.

He's clumsy and awkward on his feet (just like me) and had managed to injure himself twice in the span of 3 days...the first injury was from trying to take out a tree with his shoulder, and the second was a strained ligament in the rear leg on the opposite side of the sore shoulder, probably from chasing the cats. I took him to the vet Tuesday a week ago, and she did the usual: check all joints for proper movement, X-rays, the whole nine yards. The vet prescribed Rimadyl (an NSAID) and Tramadol (a narcotic) and sent us home. For the first couple of days he was hippity-hopping on his back leg, as his front shoulder had mostly healed up. When I saw he was putting weight down without the narcotic, I stopped the Tramadol immediately...and the following day (this past Saturday, 12/8) we stopped the Rimadyl.

He looked like he was on the mend on Monday...Chris even took him for a walk, and he seemed to enjoy it. Tuesday he appeared to be depressed, so we took him for a walk in the evening, and again, he seemed fine.

Wednesday, though...

Wednesday morning he wobbled on his feet. And we took him in. Turns out my baby boy is in ARF (acute renal failure) and his prognosis is...not good. They've run test after test after test, and have managed to rule out a lot of stuff. They also took a look inside with an ultrasound, and didn't like what they saw. Apparently one of his kidneys isn't fully formed, and so it was not functioning well, if at all. So his other kidney was doing all the work. This would be fine, if we hadn't put him on something that assaulted his kidneys. NSAIDs are really bad for the kidneys.

So now, we wait. The vet is going to have a consult with Pennsylvania University today regarding what, if anything, they can do for him. Our vet is not optimistic, though, and gave a prognosis of 6-12 months.

I'm heartbroken. He's only 10 months old. Why must the good pups go so early? It's really, really not fair.

Anyway...he's fighting, so we're going to fight with him until he tells us he's ready to leave. We will do everything we can to make his remaining time good for him as well as us. There's a chance we'll be selling some of our firearms and other items, should things get exceedingly expensive. If that happens, I'll start posting things for sale locally.


Old NFO said...

So sorry to hear that... Hoping he pulls through!

Garand Gal said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Deckard is ill. I will keep you and he in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that he recovers to live a long and healthy life.

lotta joy said...

My dog was in misery for three years and the vet kept loading me up with antibiotics without an explanation. I lost all patience and stormed into his office with my poor dog leaking urine. "DO YOU OWN AN XRAY MACHINE?"

When he said "OF COURSE!"

I told him to take my boy and not to come back until he had xrayed every square inch of him and found out what was wrong.

He came back and apologized and said I should put him to sleep immediately because he'd been packing in bladder stones for three painful years and he was solid stones at that point.

That was five years ago and I'm still full of rage.

Jennifer said...

So sorry.

Bubblehead Les. said...

This Sucks.