Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I have a thought.

Jay (and just about everyone else) has mentioned a couple of companies are no longer willing to work with law enforcement in states like New York and California. Sean has started keeping track of this list of companies, and will keep it updated as more companies join the list.

I have a suggestion.

Why not contact your favorite gun/ammuntion/gear manufacturer, and suggest they join in the boycott. Congratulate these companies for what they're willing to do, and urge them to show their support of this effort.

At best, it will bring this movement to their attention; at worst, they'll say no.

It was something that occurred to Chris the other day and I figured I'd voice that to you folks. What do you think?


Jennifer said...

Good thought.

Old NFO said...

Good thought, if only we could get the AMMO manufacturers to sign on, we might have some ammo available...

FightinBluHen51 said...

I'd press it a step further and if the companies like Exxon Mobile, or Ford, or other companies in heavily regulated industries would start ignoring the senseless stuff, and say "come and get us all, now that you have made us a criminal," there would be a lot less of this stupidity.