Monday, March 4, 2013

So SB281 went to the House.

And the final testimony was heard at almost 4AM on Saturday morning.

Here's one gem from the day:

More later.


Old NFO said...

Dayum!!! Some GOOD guys stepping up (bet the dems were gnashing their teeth over this testimony)!!!

Bubblehead Les. said...

Sorry guys. But I still think you Marylanders better go over those Laws with a Fine-Tooth Comb, see what they plan on doing to Ban or Take away any of Your "Evil Weapons of War," and send them across the Berlin Wall to a Free State for Storage until you can be Liberated.

What's Sad but True is that your 8mm Mauser will (Probably) be declared "Politically Correct," even though it was DESIGNED for Warfare, but your Semi-Auto "High Capacity" Pistols designed for Law Enforcement aren't!