Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Well, crap. Woollard SCOTUS petition denied.

From this email:

The Supreme Court today announced it will not hear the Woollard case, allowing the ruling of the 4th Circuit to stand. That said, a denial of cert does not mean an affirmation of the ruling. This is a setback for 2nd amendment civil rights, but it is by no means the end.

Additionally, there are several other carry cases making their way through the court system. The 9th Circuit will hear a De Facto ban on concealed carry from Hawaii. (Hawaii has a system but doesn't issue permits) as well as several challenges from California. Should the Supreme Court act on one of these cases, it would impact the Woollard case. The case can be revived should one of these cases move forward. 
I didn't have much hope for Woollard at SCOTUS, but it sure would have been nice if they'd decided to hear it.