Friday, November 7, 2008

"evil black guns"

My partner and I recently put our paperwork in to purchase stripped AR15 lowers from a local gun shop. We intentionally went in to get them BEFORE the election because we feared the inevitable price hike (and potential ban after January).

While we are waiting for the paperwork to clear, I've been talking about the purchase with friends online, in the hopes of getting info about what would be a good upper and stock combination. Because of the method of discussion (blogs and forums), the conversations were open to non-gun-owners...and, unfortunately, they are generally not too keen on educated, intelligent discussion about firearms.

Some people have even expressed disdain over potentially coming to visit, because of our soon-to-be-built "evil black rifles." I've reminded them time and again that a gun in a closet/safe/on another floor cannot and will not hurt them, and they say "oh yes i understand" but fail to see the truth of the statement. I've told them that while the guns can seem scary, the only thing scary about them is the person behind the trigger - again, they say they understand, but refuse to really understand. Frankly, I'm getting sick of explaining and reexplaining my side of things.

In light of that, I'd like to educate the general populace about firearms, and just how scary these "assault" rifles can be...and just how wrong these people really are. Please enjoy the video.

This video discusses the power behind various calibers...and may be an eye-opener.

Remember...I'm not a gun hoarder, and I'm not out to murder someone. I keep firearms for personal protection, for a sense of freedom, and to give myself a stress relief by going to the range and firing a few rounds at paper. For me, there's nothing more mentally settling than forcing oneself to calm down, focus, breathe, and squeeze that trigger. Sometimes it can put me in a better mood faster than's instant gratification, but it provides a lasting effect.


Mike W. said...

Some people have even expressed disdain over potentially coming to visit, because of our soon-to-be-built "evil black rifles."

Leave just the built lower laying around when they come visit.

Laura said...

no...i brought it up with Chris, and people who are that afraid of a PART of a firearm really shouldn't be coming to the house. he'd rather avoid having them over entirely.

methinks you'll enjoy meeting him. he's a character.

mike's spot said...

Great videos.

NotClauswitz said...

Hey, that shooting range is the cop range above our 200-yard range! :-)

trash said...

Great to get an afficionado's perspective on such a contentious issue. Thanks for the education.

Mrs. G. said...

I'm afraid of guns, never held or shot one, but I can't imagine avoiding someone's home who responsibly cares for them. Actually, I'm sure I've visited in homes of many gun owners it just usually doesn't come up over coffee. I do wish mentally ill people couldn't get their hands on them.

Laura said...

Trash - If you took something positive from this post, I'm thrilled. :) Feel free to stick around. My SO is now posting, and he can be pretty silly at times.

Mrs. G - I appreciate your position...and I also appreciate the practice of not letting your bias get in the way of spending time with friends. The "mentally ill" argument is a bit of a sticky one,'s too easy to get a person committed against their will (and with nearly no reason for it).

Laura said...

(Also, Mrs. G, you're welcome to come back anytime. :) )