Tuesday, November 18, 2008

On religion

I don't tend to discuss my religious views.


Because most of the time, people would look at me funny, and attempt to commit me.

So, instead, I read. I read blog posts my friends make as they go along their religious journeys. I read about various religions, new and old. I respect the strength of faith that allows an individual to firmly believe in their chosen religion...and I wonder what led them down the path they've taken. I find myself in the midst of religious turmoil from time to time, and that usually spurs on this thought process.

For the record, I was raised Roman Catholic. It's an alright religion at its core, but I feel it misinterprets a lot of what is printed in the bible. I also disagree with a lot of its teachings. I find myself drawn to more Earth-based religions...I suppose it has to do with the reality of the planet. I can see it, touch it, hear it, smell it. I see it change, and I respect that without it we would not exist. I don't question how we came about, as I wholeheartedly believe in evolution. I also believe there are other planets like ours, full of life and potentially intelligent species. It just seems more realistic, to me.

What are your opinions? Where do your beliefs lie?

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Mike W. said...

My beliefs?

If God is omnipresent & omnipotent then he knows everything I do and think no matter what. Why then are praying and all the church rituals even necessary?

In short. Live life being good to those around you and everything will work itself out in the end, no matter who your God is.