Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I have to share my excitement...

Once my tax return gets deposited, I'll be ordering our uppers. Yes, I'm excited...they're actually in stock right now, and we'll be able to get our rifles put together and locked up before anything bad happens on the legal end of things.

After that, I'll be able to start shopping for the revolver and shotgun. Wee!


Mike W. said...


Hope you don't have any trouble actually finding uppers. In this environment you never know.

Laura said...

we're getting them built through Del-Ton. they seem to be pretty good, and they'll let us know if stuff's out of stock.

mike's spot said...

I have had good luck with delton. I own 1 and built two for friends and family. unless your run your rifles extremely hard or have the uncontrollable urge to use it like a drill bit/hammer/wrench- it'll treat you very well!

as for revolvers- Not sure what your looking for but a nice used 357 with a 4 inch tube (6 isn't bad either) is an extremely versatile package. Used 38spl revolvers can often be had for under 200, and good 357s can be had for 250ish-300 depending on local market pressures. Charter arms is coming out with a neat little revolver called the C.A.R.R. or some such thing- a revolver without moon clips that runs on rimless rounds like 9mm, 40sw, and 45acp.

Laura said...

ah, good to know. i hadn't known they existed until my partner mentioned them, and i'm pleased with their pricing. assuming all goes well, we'll get our uppers soonish (i think they're 12 weeks by spring).

i basically want the typical S&W 38spl service revolver. ideally, i'd like a 4 inch barrel as that's what i shot at the range, and i truly enjoyed it. i know i can get one for cheap, it's just a matter of getting off my lazy ass and looking. :)

right now, though, i'm shopping for optics for the AR. whee!

mike's spot said...

funny you mention a 4 in 38spl S&W- I just ordered one from a member on for 200 shipped. If it shakes out well I'll get you his contact. He Runs Eastside Gun shop in Nashville Tn. Posts under "the Rabbi" on the board.

I picked up a colt official police that was a bit worn for 165 this past holiday season as well- and I'm a Central New Yorker. Our prices are usually above that of other markets- but thankfully there isn't much demand for classic (read aesthetically worn) revolvers.

I'm hoping for a no dash model 10- we'll see what I get.

Laura said...

hmm...definitely let me know if things go well. :)

i'd been saving my pennies for those uppers, so now that they're ordered i'll have a little more play money (at least, what doesn't go to the new motorcycle purchase). i think in another month i'll start aggressively shopping for the revolver.