Sunday, February 28, 2010

And now for photos.

A week or so ago I posted about the Mosins we picked up at a shop that was mega far away. We got some other stuff, too.

We came home with...

2 of these:
ammo can

2 of these:
case of ammo
(No, I don't mean 2 cans in that crate - we got 2 crates, with 2 cans in each crate.)

3 of these:
the rifle in profile

With 3 of these to match:
matching accessory kit
(The kits include 4 pouches, a cleaning kit, a bayonet, and a sling.)

Here's a close-up of mine...check out the markings!:
nifty markings

The stuff I didn't show: 10 magazines for the 1911 and 3 packs of stripper clips.


Weer'd Beard said...

mmmm Ishy 91/30. Love mine. Personally like the M44 for shooting a bit better, and the M1891 for collecting, but the 91/30 is a super fun range rifle! The Hex Receiver variation is wicked nice too!

Laura said...

Have you ever used one for hunting?

I wish we could have gotten down there in time to get a hex...they had limited numbers and all were gone.

Mike W. said...

What'd ya buy for ammo? Heavy ball or light ball? Corrosive?

And wow, this stuff's actually not all that expensive. $160 @ AIM for 880rd.

I imagine that much ammo would last a long time for a Mosin, since it's not exactly the kind of gun you'd shoot hundreds of rounds per session out of.

Laura said...

We got whatever they had - they only had two full cases left. It's surplus, and we haven't opened it yet. Probably won't 'till we need to.

Beyond that, I don't know details...can't read Russian. ;)

Weer'd Beard said...

This should have much of the information you'll need to know about your rifles and ammo.

I actually have never hunted, but 7.62x54R is a great cartridge for medium and even North American large game (I'm betting a 200 Gr Jacketed Soft Point will take a Moose down perfectly clean) I will say that a Mosin Nagant is probably pretty lame as a stalking rifle because the safety is VERY crude and difficult to manipulate, so the only way I'd carry my mosin is with 4 in the box, and the bolt closed on an empty chamber.

that being said for a stand rifle I can't imagine it would be too bad. Mount up in your stand and load up 5 rounds and close the bolt, then just keep your booger hook off the bang-switch until you see something tasty down-range.

They're scary-accurate for such a dirt cheap and crude rifle (at least all the examples I've shot, you might find one that doesn't group well because of storage or or negligent care) and I find the sights to be pleasant, and the trigger to be mediocre but manageable.

With some practice, good ammo, and a sold point to rest it, you could VERY humanly harvest deer and such inside of 200 yards with the rifle as-is.

Laura said...

I've got that link bookmarked, but I just haven't had the time to check. Thanks for reminding me, though. :)

I don't know if we'll be stalking or using stands. Knowing C, we'll probably be stalking. It will most likely be based on the lay of the land, though.

Both of us have tried to manipulate that safety, and even he has difficulty with it. I know he'll have to use it in the Hunter Safety class we're taking this week and next, so I hope he's got his hands ready for it...heh. I'm bringing my Mauser to the class, and the safety on that thing is easy as pie to manipulate.

The accuracy is why he's planning on using his for deer. I'm still torn, though, between using the Mosin and the Mauser, or getting a slug-barreled shotgun instead. Decisions, decisions!

Weer'd Beard said...

Mauser Hands-down. Great cartridge, great gun, better manufacture, quality safety, accuracy should be about the same.

Also I forget which mosin, and never figured out why but once while playing with the safety the whole bolt dissembled in my hand. Might have just been that specific piece, but I'd had to be fumbling for pieces as your gun falls apart in the woods.

But again it doesn't take long to work the bolt if you want to carry condition 3.

But the Mauser means you can carry condition 1.

Oh and the mauser uses a rimless cartridge, so no worry about rimlock if you need to get off a 2nd shot!

mike's spot said...

Had a m44 and now just a m38. Should probably get a 91/30 just haven't had time and money together long enough to make it happen.

I love them. I'm not sure what countries- but the surplus that shot best for me is in a light blue box with a silver line, followed by the brown paper wax tied w/ a string.

my m38 didn't like the stuff in the 15 round brown boxes.