Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So last night we went out for milk...

and 5 hours later, returned home with 3 Mosin Nagants, 2 cases of surplus ammunition, 3 accessory kits (came with the rifles as part of the purchase price), 3 sets of stripper clips, 2 ammo cans, and 10 magazines for C's 1911.

The trip took us quite a ways away from home, and we got lost on the way, but we found an awesome company with employees who were more than willing to help us out. Justin helped C and I pick out the best of the remaining rifles (numbers matching, clear markings, good stocks - these are all Grade 2[?] quality), and Brian helped us get the paperwork handled and get out of there so we could grab dinner.

Sometime this weekend I'll take some shots of the rifles. Mine has a hammer and sickle stamping that's clearer than the birds on my Mauser. I'm already rather attached. :) These may become our deer rifles...I know C plans on using his for deer, and I'll have to shoot mine as well as the Mauser to make that final decision.


Mike W. said...

Well now I know what that facebook status update was all about.....though I suspected this.

Laura said...

LOL, you suspected firearms purchases?

Damn, I'm getting predictable. :P