Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another newbie introduction at the range.

This was started on 6/7/10.  I'm not sure what date it will have when I hit publish.

Last Tuesday, I took off work to recover from the hell that is yardwork, and decided to take a friend to the range for his first visit.

I had him come to my house first, so I could introduce him to the two firearms he'd be shooting in the quiet comfort of my living room.  Knowing R has no experience with FPS-type games cemented the idea that this would be better than introducing him at the range itself.

I pulled out the .22 and the .380, and showed him the basics.  I explained the rules to him, waited until he felt comfortable, and made sure he understood everything I'd explained.  He seemed pretty clear on everything, so we headed out.

We only went through a box of .22LR and .380, partly for time and partly for availability of ammunition.  .380 is still hard to come by in my area.

R seemed to enjoy the .22 - he wasn't intimidated at all, and agreed it feels like an overgrown pop-gun.  He went through about 16 rounds before he decided to move up to the .380.  I think he was a little intimidated by it...even after we finished the box, he seemed to prefer the .22.  He's got to work on his accuracy, but I hope we can set another day for that.

All in all, I think he had fun.  I definitely did.  We've gotta do it again!


NotClauswitz said...

Congratulations! I'll bet a .38spl is easier to shoot than a .380 because it's bigger, there's more weight, and no reciprocating mass to distract. :-)

Mike W. said...

I really need to shoot the Thunder .380 one of these days.

I suspect it actually has a good bit of recoil. It's small, lightweight, and blowback operated.

Laura said...

DirtCrashr - You're right, the .38spl is definitely easier to shoot. A revolver's on the list of future buys, but money's tight. eventually I'll have one. :)

Mike - we really need to plan something. SERIOUSLY.

Mike W. said...

What kind of revolver? Airweight snubby (642)

And yes, we most certainly do. I'll shoot you an e-mail.

Laura said...

I'd love to get a former cop gun. Possibly a .357, not sure yet.

Weer'd Beard said...

An all-steel .357 Magnum is one of those swiss-army guns. You can take it to the range and load it with light wadcutter .38 Specials and it will be one of the most forgiving and simple centerfire handguns you can use or teach on. You can up the anti to .357 magnum to teach recoil control and form, and get the trill of a decent boomer.

158 Grain .357 Hollowpoints are damn awesome for home defense and conceal carry.

Get some 200 Gr Hard-cast lead rounds and you have a gun that can even be used in bear country.

And you can run the gammut between the extremes to fit your need and tastes.