Friday, July 30, 2010

Interesting things are afoot...

So yesterday, this happened.

In the words of my friend  (from a conversation yesterday): FUCKING AWeSOME NESSSSSSs


My friend's not so great with using his words when he gets excited. ;)

Anyway, I look forward to watching this unfold.  Who knows - with Alan Gura on the job, maybe we'll win.


Mike W. said...


About time since MD is basically "no-issue" unless you're politically connected or really lucky.

and by "lucky" I mean you're persistent and have lots of favorable & sympathetic media coverage that embarrasses the MSP into granting your permit application.

Laura said...

No kidding.

If we win, it'll make living in this godforsaken state at least a little more palatable until we leave. If we lose...well, it just means I'll need better knife training, since I never leave home without a pocketknife.

Mike W. said...

Yay for the grey background. Much easier on the eyes!