Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another reason why humans suck.

I have yet another reason why i'm terrified of having children.

Seriously, WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? How is it that one child was capable of ruling an entire classroom with terror AND managed to get away with this kind of behavior toward his classmates?

I didn't go to public school, so I honestly don't this what it's like? is it really that bad?


Anonymous said...

Wasn't for me, but I went to school in long time ago, and in a place far far away. Might have helped that I was always a year older than all my classmates as well, made me a less inviting target than I would have been otherwise.

ViolentIndifference said...

I read that story and I had a physical reaction - siting here in my chair I wanted to fight. I wanted to be there and throw myself onto the bully and fight until one of us loses.

And simultaneously I wanted to hug the woman and tell her that she is safe.

In many ways it is both hard and easy to be a parent. My belief is that you don't raise a child, you raise an adult. Always treat your child as the adult that you wish them to become. That gives them the confidence (real confidence, not the give-an-award-for-participation dreck) to deal with the real world.

Laura said...

Zig - I really wonder, in your case, which influenced your experience. It could be either, or both, or neither of those things...something to ponder.

VI - You had the same reaction *I* had when I read it. I felt ill reading it, knowing this guy thought this was acceptable behavior.

You provide some insight I hadn't considered. Thanks for commenting. :)