Monday, January 24, 2011

Did you know we're all bloodthirsty murderers?

Apparently that's a common belief among Canadians who don't believe normal, non-military folks should own firearms.

I shared this link with my Canadian friend over the weekend, suggesting that this might be part of the reason Chris and I would never consider hopping the border. He responded with a tirade, not only telling me it's a stupid reason not to leave the US, but telling me if I want guns so much, I should join the military, because that's the best way to murder people legally. We then moved into a debate of reality here vs reality there vs his perception of reality in either situation. I shared personal stories - a neighbor's house was repeatedly vandalized and robbed when I was a kid, and I was assaulted in my parents' backyard as an adult - which apparently shocked him, as he said nothing more to me.

Now, I know I struck a nerve, but dang...I never expected to be called a wannabe murderer by someone I consider a friend. I think it's sad he's so incapable (or unwilling) to see the gray area between relying solely on the police and wanting to kill every living human. I think it's equally sad many of the Brady bunch share his opinions.

Frankly, if I'm a murder and my guns horribly dangerous things, then both my firearms and I seem to be quite defective. No one has been hurt by my presence OR by being in the vicinity of one of my firearms.


Jennifer said...

I don't think choosing to rely on yourself is even a gray area. Your friend in arguing from a false sense of reality. And that really is sad.
The police response time was admirable in Arizona for the shootings that have been all over the news. And yet, an armed civilian was there first. Civilians stopped him from murdering more people. It's just a fact that police can't be there to protect you.

Laura said...

His one comment to me (paraphrased):
"So, because you like guns, you obviously like shooting people. There is no middle ground. Shooting people doesn't cross my mind. I've never thought about it once"

And, you know? I sure do wish I lived in that Utopian world. Unfortunately, I live on Earth, where it takes an hour for the police to show up in my neighborhood.

Mike W. said...

Y'know, police response time is ultimately irrelevant, whether it's 5 minutes or 50. If sumdood has already kicked in your back door a 3 minute response time isn't going to save your ass.

There's also a moral aspect of saying you wont protect your life with deadly force while expecting a complete stranger to come to the rescue with a gun and do it for you.

"So, because you like guns, you obviously like shooting people."

There's no getting past that. I mean hell, if it were true then wouldn't you be shooting people with your guns? Wouldn't all cops be bloodthirsty murderers?

I think the fundamental difference here comes down to one question. Who is ultimately responsible for protecting you? Is it your responsibility or someone else's?