Thursday, June 30, 2011

Did I shake something loose?

Apparently I did over at MArooned Jay was able to post on ideas he's had for some time; that gun grabbers know their position is futile, their facts incorrect, and nothing is solved by their position, yet they do it anyway. Why? I can give you two quotes from Albert Einstein.

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."


"If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts."

Without putting on my tin foil wizard hat this time and going into theories of power, and historical essays about why the Second Amendment was included in our Constitution or showing data that cities with the strictest gun laws have majority, minority populations I can give you a simple answer and 2 things to do.

Guns are scary. Forget for a minute that you're familiar with guns and think about all the people out there that aren't anti-gun, but not pro-gun and familiar with them either. Many of these people show an irrational fear of guns, just like people show an irrational fear of snakes and spiders. It's one thing they encounter in their lives that can end a human life in an instant, yet they also don't seem necessary, like the other things in their lives that can, such as cars, and the food they eat. Remember this is an irrational fear of the gun itself. As if one sitting on a table would suddenly jump up under it's own power and kill you. Just like people think snakes bite you all of a sudden for no reason. Then these people are introduced to others that show them statistics, and agree with them that guns are bad and play to their fear. Everyone wants to be liked right? Everyone wants to be part of the crowd, to be agreed with, right? So why not throw in with these like minded people. Then the anti-gun campaign gains members and momentum and becomes a large group. Humans in groups with shared beliefs and goals will do some weird, crazy and interesting things. Then the cycle perpetuates itself.

What can you do? I'd ask you to do two things. First take a friend or family member that seems to be afraid of guns or anti-gun and ask them if they would like to go shooting. At the range, or the trap field. Teach them about safety and show them the fun and interesting things you can do with guns. As guns are scary, they are also inherently fun and exciting when handled safely and treated with respect. Tell them you're not going to talk about politics or self defense and stick to it. We're just going to go shoot some guns. I've taken a number of people to the range that were new or afraid of guns. When we're done everyone is safe and I hear; That was fun, or That was cool, Guns aren't really that scary. There you have it. You may not have converted someone to our side, but you just broke the cycle of irrational fear and most likely just ended any chance of recruitment by the other side. That person will now question the scare tactics and group think responses. You will have given them pause when they hear or read about gun issues, and that pause may be enough.

Second I would ask you to just start asking Why? Not just with gun issues, but any time someone talks about anything that may restrict or eliminate your rights and freedoms. Don't argue their issues, just ask for logical reasoning and purpose. Why do they want to do this? Can they come up with a logical answer? Does it make sense? That's it. I don't need evidence to combat supposed facts you spew at me. I just want to know why you want to do it and if it makes sense.

Ok I didn't get out my tin foil wizard hat, but I guess I did get out my soap box. I guess I'll go put that away too.


Old NFO said...

Tried that, got NO logical response, only more blather... sigh.

Chris said...

Yea, I'm not sure you'll ever change any of the entrenched minds, but I am sure it's really not worth your time or energy arguing with them. Fight with them when rights will be restricted. Otherwise write them off as illogical and incoherent. I don't really care what they say at this point. If they can't make a logical argument then they can come back when they think they have one. Until then I don't care.

Marty said...

The answer is simple. History has shown that you cannot have complete control over an armed populace.

They want more power. They want subjects, not citizens.

Mike W. said...

Chris is right, there's a distinct difference between the entrenched minds and those who are just ignorant and full of fear and anti-gun propaganda. It takes some prodding to figure out who you're dealing with.

If the person has an open mind and is willing to reevaluate their position then progress can be made. If not then they're basically a lost cause. I find diehard liberals who are anti are a lot harder to crack.