Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This makes me sick.

Apparently, in California, defaulting on one's student loans means one's husband gets treated like a criminal.

...Wait, what?

Apparently that guy's wife defaulted on her student loans so instead of handling this like any NORMAL credit agency would - you know, with taking it to court, garnishing wages, etc. - they decided this needed a SWAT team.  AT 6 AM.  The cherry on this ridiculous sundae?  The person they were looking for WASN'T HOME AT THE TIME.  Oh, and they tossed the couple's kids in the squad car with their dad.  Because, you know, THAT won't teach them not to trust uniformed individuals ever again...

Seriously, WHAT were they thinking?

ETS: since it appears the initial link is down, go here.  Thanks to Tam for the updated link.


Guffaw in AZ said...

You wrote of this kind of activity today. I posted about similar stuff, yesterday.
Many others on the internet have written before us.
Obviously, it's a conspiracy of lies!
Except, of course it's NOT!
Watch your back, people!
(and keep reading and writing)

Mike W. said...

All power government has is coercive force at the point of a gun.

I am disgusted, but not surprised.

NotClauswitz said...

Student-loans are the one type of loan that you cannot default, and with the most serious penalties. The government can seize tax refunds, garnish wages without a court order, take a portion of Social Security payments, and charge very large collection fees.
Your loan holder may "accelerate" a defaulted loan, which means that the entire balance of the loan (principal and interest) becomes due in a single payment.
The .Gov owns the Student Loan business now, they acquired it recently (under this administration I believe), and evidently they mean business.
The Students are Pwned!