Monday, December 5, 2011

Range Report: Excalibur Axiom

This is going to be a slight departure from the normal sort of range report, as we opted to take my crossbow out before we attempt to hunt with it.

While I had an opportunity to test it when I bought it, Chris didn't get that chance, so this was doubly informative. We wanted to see just how it would behave outdoors, and he wanted to see what it would be like to cock it with both the crank and the string assist.

My impressions:
1 - The crank cock device works a lot better when one reads the directions.
1a - If I were only a few inches taller, the string cocker would be a lot easier to use. I just can't pull it the last inch needed to set the bowstring.
2 - With my noodle arms, holding the crossbow is alright, but holding it STEADY is difficult. Will work on that.
3 - Even with my noodle arms, I'm still a pretty good shot. Need to get to be more than just "pretty good," but for my first time shooting it outdoors, I'm pleased.
4 - This thing is pretty damned strong. I'm seeing far greater penetration than anticipated. In the broadhead target with even the cheapest of my three broadheads, it goes in about halfway. I suspect a bolt will go all the way through a deer with little difficulty unless I hit a bone. I invite any bowhunters reading this to correct me if I'm wrong here, but I believe the foam deer target is denser than a live animal.
5 - Wind and 2 extra yards REALLY make a difference in accuracy. Will need to work more on distance practice, I think. I'm also reading a heavier broadhead/field point may help with accuracy, so I might pick up a box of 150gr broadheads to try.

Chris also seemed to enjoy shooting it, though he's gotta work a little more on his aim. ;)

All in all, the Excalibur Axiom kit is well worth the money spent for a recurve crossbow.


Mike W. said...

Well, Well, now you're ready for the zombie apocalypse, for those times where you need to be vewwy, vewwy quiet. :P

Laura said...

Damn right! I just have to be careful and not lose any bolts like a certain character in a certain TV show.

Marty said...

1) It will go right through unless major bones are encountered. Even ribs might not stop it.

2) You will flood with adrenaline and your heart will race.

3) Breath quietly. Be careful of the cloud your breath makes in the cold.

4) Don't shoot too soon. Bambi might come closer.

Laura said...

Thanks for the tips. :D

1 - How about shoulders? I know the "sweet spot" is supposed to be right behind the leg, but isn't that the shoulder bone? Will it just stick, or will it go through?

2 - Ya, I figured that. 'Tis why I need to work on my arms.

3 - I have a mask to cover my face. Will that be sufficient, or should I still cover my face further?

4 - Noted. I don't know if we'll take anything this year - we didn't do any scouting ahead of time, and we're hitting a public park in January. So...we'll see what happens.

Old NFO said...

Glad it worked out, and it's just like rifle shooting... practice, practice, you know :-)

Laura said...

Ya, we'll be getting back out there shortly, I'd imagine. Chris has to zero in the Gamo and his NEOS (in its carbine configuration).

Will probably do range reports on those, too. A carbine-style NEOS is a pretty neat-looking gun. I really hope it shoots as well as I expect. :)

Mike W. said...

Wait, you finally got the carbine kit for the Neos? Cool beans!

Laura said...

Yeah, he picked it up a little while after he got the gun. It's pretty futuristic-looking WITHOUT the carbine kit...with it? Is verrah cool.

Chris said...

She is much more accurate with it than I am. I need to practice more. As I side note It did have much more recoil than I was expecting having never shot a crossbow before. More than a 22 less than an AR-15, but more than I expected. After I get the NEOS carbine sighted in i'll post some pics and a review. Look out squirrels!