Tuesday, April 3, 2012

There's another update on the Woollard case.

Judge Legg clarified his ruling.

Judge Legg has issued an injunction barring Maryland from enforcing Maryland Statue 5-306(a)(5)(ii) requiring Good and Substantial Reason for a handgun carry permit. Maryland cannot require G&S for any application under Judge Legg's order.
This is interesting.


FightinBluHen51 said...

You forgot the part where Legg also issued a temporary stay to be briefed, replied, and rebutted starting April 19th, and running through to May 23rd.

We will then know if he will stay his ruling, pending the appeal that Maryland has already filed for. IF! He does not stay the decision, I will be filling in my app, getting photos and prints, and taking mailing it certified direct to MSP's licensing division.

The speculation is, that if Legg's stay ruling (against MD meaning it's denied) is as strong as his March 5th order and the updated clarification, the 4th Circuit will be hard pressed to issue a stay on appeal as well.

If that's the case, warm up the band, the fat lady is about to sing. If not, it's gonna be a long year of waiting.

Bubblehead Les. said...

I'm betting on a Long Year for you guys. Here's my reasoning. 23 May is just before Memorial Day, so don't expect anything until early June. The second it comes out, if it's in favor of the RKBA, there will be someone from the Maryland A.G.'s Office asking for a Temporary Injunction at the 4th Circuit, and some Uber-Liberal Commie Progressive Judge will issue it that day. Why? Because of Cummings. The Congressional Black Conference is screaming to "Revoke" Concealed Carry, Stand your Ground, etc. all because of the Zimmerman Shooting. And Cummings is a Big Wig in the Conference. And it's an Election Year. So I'd plan on this going to the Supremes, since it looks like "Anti-Gun Legislation"by the local Politicians will be placed on the Table for the Election. Remember, Biden just opened his Mouth and said "We need to have a "Discussion" on Concealed Carry and Common Sense Gun Control." That's Progressive CodeSpeak to tell all the lower Echelons to take on Gun Control this Election Year, even if Obama doesn't try to push it through this Congress. So don't get your hopes up.

But I hope I'm Wrong.

Old NFO said...

Sadly, I have to agree with Les... MD will drag this out as LONG as they can...