Friday, July 6, 2012

Losing power for a week at least once a year puts things into perspective.

I've been focusing on the positives this week:
1 - We've had a place to stay that is air conditioned, with room for both us and the dog (and the cats, if we needed to move them).
1a - The dog has had daily attention. I think he's going to lose it when he doesn't have someone catering to his every need all day long. This has also helped a great deal with housebreaking.
2 - We were able to move most of the food to our host's house as she had room in the fridge and freezer. This was a money- and time-saver, as it took just two hours to clean/disinfect both our standing freezer and our refrigerator Tuesday. They needed to be cleaned, anyway.
2a - Yesterday was trash day. No more stinky thawed-out year-old leftovers. Since Chris happened to be checking on the house when the trash guys showed up, he helped them load the ridiculously heavy bags in the truck. They appreciated it. I'm guessing they've been inundated with overly heavy cans this week.
3 - We're going to work on how long we keep food in the freezer. No more year-long storage plans, and no more sticking food in without a label. All leftovers get 4 months storage, tops, then we either eat or toss. This puts a damper on the idea of keeping game meat around, but we'll figure out a way to deal with that when we actually face it. We also have to be more careful about how much we cook initially to mitigate the amount of loss we inevitably face.
4 - It's very nice to stay someplace with power, rather than feeding a generator. We have a genny but we opted not to use it unless we absolutely had to. We didn't need to this time around. Huzzah!
5 - The house/yard/vehicles had absolutely no damage. We were lucky. Neighbors around us weren't so lucky. Many lost siding, some had trees landing on their homes, and a few people lost vehicles.
6 - None of my fish have died. I'm very happy about this. Water changes definitely do wonders for keeping fish happy and healthy.
7 - Did I mention yay AC? Because YAY AC.

We're back in our house, and the cats are much happier WE are around, though I think they're not too keen on having the dog back. Also, sleeping in my own bed really changes one's outlook on the workday.

Hope everyone's had a better week than this region. :)


Mike W. said...

Yay for having power back and things being back to "normal." :)

Old NFO said...

Glad to hear things are getting back to 'normal'...

Maura said...

I feel incredible blessed that my power was out in Silver Spring for only 22 hours. Friends of mine in Chevy Chase are still without power, and are now being told Sunday. They are at their wit's end but refuse to get a hotel room or bunk with friends / family. I'm not sure how they are coping in this heat.

So glad to hear you are getting back to normal!

Bubblehead Les. said...

Glad you made it!