Friday, July 27, 2012

You ever get that hinky feeling, like something crazy's going to happen?

Apparently Loren Coleman has been predicting something happening today since Tuesday. And thanks to the BLNN, I've found that at least one incident was planned for Maryland.

Here's the story. Potentially crazy guy plans to shoot up his workplace, but someone reported it and the guy was hauled in yesterday. Crazy. Too close to home, too. Come on, Maryland, don't fight the court on CCW stuff anymore. Please.


Anonymous said...


Once every year or so I get that feeling between my shoulder blades. Heavily armed do not begin to describe me on those days.

John Bernard Books

J. Gordyn said...

@FF, It gets a little more closer to home even - I don't know if you remember Eric from the AQ days but I just heard from him and he knows the perp personally through a DJ group in Baltimore. Who knows, I may have even met this wanker at one of their parties and not even known it. All in all I get really worried when the degrees of separation between me and un-hinged people decrease by several orders of magnitude....

Laura said...

John - You must live in a free state. I envy you. Soon us plebes in MD might actually join you in expressing that freedom.

J. - Yeah, one of my buddies knows him rather well...he was the DJ at my friend's bachelor party. I hope, for this guy's sake, he was just being an idiot and didn't actually plan anything.