Friday, November 2, 2012

So, we survived.

We lost power at noon-thirty Monday, hours before the real storm actually hit us. It wasn't even all that windy when it hit. Still not sure WHY we lost power when we did, but whatever. We were ready(ish) for it.

Chris had gotten home early that afternoon, and we took a midday nap shortly after the power died. Two hours later, he got up and checked the basement...and promptly freaked out. Apparently we had at least an inch or two in the basement coming in from both the sump pump and the back wall...and with the power out, this meant the basement took on water fast. So he cranked up the generator and hooked up the sump, and we pretty much dealt with the power loss for the following 2 days. We were home yesterday and took advantage of the generator with a few lights and the TV.

We had only minor damage to the house - a piece of trim fell off one of the dormers. Chris will investigate to see whether it will be easy to replace and/or worth it. We had no losses - not even food, because we were smart and filled the freezer with water on Saturday - and were mostly inconvenienced. While the power loss itself was a pain in the bum, and the house got VERY cold by Wednesday afternoon, it could have been far worse. Cold is easier to manage than excessive heat.

So. Things weren't that bad, and we learned a few things for the next time this happens...because there most certainly will be a next time. And chances are it'll be far worse than this one.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Well, on my side of the Storm, my power went out at 10:30pm Monday and came back at Noon yesterday. I used my Inverter off the Truck to keep the Freezer cold and charge up the Smartphone, and of course, I used a ton of LED Lights (No Candle Fires for Me)! Didn't get any water in the Basement, but one of my Pear Trees decided to come down across my Driveway, and we couldn't use the cars until it was cleared, but that was resolved early Tuesday morning when a guy stopped by with a Chain Saw and earned a quick $50.

But you are correct about the Cold. So, with Winter still on the way, I think I need to get either some Kerosene Indoor Heaters or a few more Propane

And, of course, my little 'Burb completely FAILED again in Police Protection or Keeping the Public Informed. But what do you expect when the Entire Town Council and the Mayor are Democrats?

I'm just glad we have "Castle Doctrine", CCW and "Stand Your Ground" in Ohio. God Help those Poor Bastards in Jersey and NYC.

Julie said...

Glad to hear that you're all okay. Would be interested in a post on 'what you'ld do differently next time' when you get around to it.

MSgt B said...

I thought we were set up just fine, realizing too late that I had no fuel for the Coleman stove.

Ah well, we didn't lose power for more than a few minutes Monday.

Glad to hear you guys came through well.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I would definitely want you in my group in the Zombie Apocalypse! Glad your damage was light.