Friday, November 2, 2012

THAT was fun.

Chris and I are playing hooky today, so last night I went with him to shoot plates.

And, well, this was enlightening.

See, the guy he shoots plates with are all like...retirees. Older men who are stuck in the "girls can't shoot" mentality. And apparently I showed'em all.

One of them, Mr. P, asked me not to do "the dance" - he wanted me to pivot, instead. I didn't realize the women they've shot with actually walked down the line to shoot the plates...i figured they all pivoted. He was trying to help, but I think he learned this was unnecessary.

So. Last night was cold...cold enough that I should have been wearing a long sleeve shirt under my fleece. My hands were pretty much frozen. Yet I managed to get maybe 60% of the plates down, with both my 1911 and my CZ. Smirks from the old men turned to smiles and nods, according to Chris, after my first round with the 1911.

I went into this expecting to take down maybe one plate per round. I hadn't been to the range in MONTHS, so anything more than that was a bit optimistic. I certainly didn't expect to get as many as I did. And now I want to go back. That was a lot of fun. So was getting drinks bought by the old men afterward...and the compliments from them to me, to Chris, and to others in the bar. I guess I surprised'em... Woo. :D

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Mike W. said...

Good for you on the shootin' and on maybe changing their minds some.

I'm not sure where the whole "girls can't shoot" comes from. All the women I've seen pickup a gun have been pretty damn good shots, even the ones who were shooting for the first time.