Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Went to the range last night with my cousin, took the newest pistol, have questions.

Last night my cousin and I went to the range for a mutual birthday paper-killing event. He brought his Glock and his stainless (ooh, shiny) Springfield 1911, I brought my PX4 subcompact 9.

We're both incredibly rusty. It took him a couple of mags to get decently small groups. It took me less time, but I'm also not quite used to the pistol, so I was trying to compensate for that.

The Springfield is a very nice pistol. Cousin agrees - he finds he likes it more than the Glock. This guy LOVED the Glock when he bought it. I guess it's that first gun bliss. Not that I can blame him - the 1911 he owns is a much nicer gun. Doesn't rattle, doesn't show any wear, doesn't malf as long as the mags are Wilson.

The Beretta...frustrates me. Since my first trip to the range with it, I get problems near the end of a mag (and occasionally midway through the mag, if I load it all the way). It's had maybe 200 rounds through it since purchase. I know the feed issues midway through the mag are likely related to user error, but I can't quite understand why it won't feed properly.

Now, I don't claim to be an expert in malfunctions, so bear with me:
1 - Fire a round. Fires fine.
2 - Fire a round. Casing ejects, gun strips new round out of the mag, slide doesn't return to proper firing position.
3 - Pull slide back and lock open. Unfired round falls out.
4 - Goto 1.

This happened VERY frequently the first 2 times I took it to the range. Frustrated, I would pack it back up instead of working through the issue. Chris has NOT had this issue when he's put a box through it. I'm thinking some of my issue may come from having shot only metal firearms until this point, but I'd like the input of the masses. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

I'm going to try to go to the range with Chris, and have him take video of me firing it so I can get a better idea of what I'm doing wrong.


David said...

Slide not going into battery often a "limp wrist" issue. Especially if it doesn't happen when someone else fires it. If the gun is held too loosely, the slide loses some of the energy needed to move it.

Laura said...

I had a feeling that was the case, but I'm trying to figure out how to fix it.

It was hot as hell in the range last night, so the gun was slipping around in my hand. I am not going to discount that as part of the problem. But when I hold a gun, it's pretty much a it's not my hand causing the issue. it's somewhere elsewhere in my arm. and that's the part I have to pinpoint.

David said...

Small gun, small grip, harder to hold. And that's a light gun. Even with a death grip. Not uncommon with small guns. Try straightening elbows more.

My guess the fix is in some grip tape or grip powder on your hands (especially if sweaty hands were issue.)

No expert here, but I've seen this with small guns and friends.


Laura said...

The grip size shouldn't be a factor - I'm used to small pistols. My first and oldest is a Bersa Thunder .380, and I've never had that sort of issue.

The weight, though, is likely part of the problem. I guess I'll just need more practice with it. Darn. :)

Thanks, David!

Old NFO said...

Limp wristing due to slippery grips could be an issue, also not tapping the mags on their back to 'seat' all the rounds correctly (Berettas are known for feed problems if you don't do that). Also the gun could need lube; I always put a drop or two down the slide rails if it's been a while since I cleaned/lubed the gun. Another issue might be the ammo...

Laura said...

Hmm, OK, I'll make a point to tap the mags next time.

I cleaned and lightly lubed it last time I had it out, but I can do that again.

I have used maybe 5 different brands in this gun, with different grain weights. Last night I used Federal and Aquila and the former actually gave me more frequent mid-mag malfs than the Aquila.

Bubblehead Les. said...

J.B. Miller uses a Beretta Storm. Send him a eMail.

Laura said...

I know he does, but his is a full size and has a rotating barrel. Mine is a subcompact without the rotating barrel. They behave differently.

Mike W. said...

Run a box of +P or +P+ through it and see if you have the same issues. Slight limpwristing + weak ammo + newish gun could be the problem.

Laura said...

I did. Same problem. :\

Old NFO said...

Did the recoil feel any different? Eg one recoiling harder than the other!