Friday, April 15, 2011

It's more important to be a nice guy.

Several celebrity gossip sites are reporting a story that seems to have come from the National Enquirer about Tom Selleck yelling at an extra on set for improper gun handling. The reports indicate that the extra was carelessly waving and playing with a real gun around the set. Mr. Selleck, who is a gun enthusiast and an NRA board member, screamed at the extra to put it down and get his finger off the trigger. The extra then asked if it was loaded and Mr. Selleck responded to the effect that you should treat all guns as if they're loaded. The story is being unbelievably reported as if Mr. Selleck was in the wrong for getting mad and yelling at the extra, seemingly in an attempt to besmirch his nice guy reputation.

When you act like a child around firearms and create a danger to yourself and those around you, you lose your right to be spoken to like an adult. I applaud Mr. Selleck for his attentiveness and assertiveness, but apparently some in Hollywood don't agree. It's more important to them to be nice and civil even in the face of improper gun handling and potentially dangerous situations. Someone had their feelings hurt, which in today's world seems to be held in higher regard than actual safety. Maybe they have short memories about the list of actors killed by blank cartridges - most famously Brandon Lee on the set of The Crow - or maybe their detachment from reality is so complete hurt feelings are their greatest concern.

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Mike W. said...

and to think when I posted about my reaction to my roommate briefly muzzling me with the gun I'd just handed me commenters didn't like the fact that I yelled at him.

I think that kind of strong response is necessary. It gets the point across in a deadly serious way.

Obviously in my case I knew it was unloaded, but my reaction worked. He's been much more mindful of muzzle discipline since then.

I'd rather be an asshole and save a life than a "nice guy" who watched someone die because I didn't speak up.